1991–92 Full Members Cup

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The 1991–92 Full Members Cup, known as the Zenith Data Systems Cup for sponsorship reasons, was the 7th and final staging of a knock-out competition for English football clubs in the First and Second Division. The winners were Nottingham Forest and the runners-up were Southampton.

The competition began on 1 October 1991 and ended with the final on 29 March 1992 at the Wembley Stadium. The competition was then cancelled after seven seasons, when the Premier League arose from the old Football League First Division and reduced the Football League to three divisions.

In the first round, there were two sections: North and South. In the following rounds each section gradually eliminates teams in knock-out fashion until each has a winning finalist. At this point, the two winning finalists face each other in the combined final for the honour of the trophy.

First round[edit]

Second round[edit]

Third round[edit]

Area semi-finals[edit]

Area finals[edit]


15:00 BST
Nottingham Forest 3 – 2
Gemmill Goal 15'115'
Black Goal 45'
Le Tissier Goal 64'
Moore Goal 70'
Wembley Stadium, London
Attendance: 67,688


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