1991 EFDA Nations Cup

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1991 EFDA Nations Cup
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The EFDA Nations Cup, was a Country vs Country competition for Formula Opel cars between 1990 and 1998. It had always been Dan Partel's dream to stage a race that pitted drivers in equal cars racing for their country. The Formula Opel/Vauxhall one make racing series offered the best opportunity for such an event.

The 1991 EFDA Nations Cup (Nations Cup II), was held at Zandvoort, Holland (15 September 1991).

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Final positions[edit]

Position Country Driver 1 Driver 2
1  Portugal Pedro Lamy Diogo Castro Santos
2  Germany Michael Krumm Helmut Schwitalla
3  Sweden Michael Johansson Magnus Wallinder
4   Switzerland David Luyet Peter Honegger
5  Brazil Vincenzo Sospiri Alberto Trezzi
6  Netherlands Martin Koene Ruud Spoolder
7  Great Britain Gareth Rees Jonathan McGall
8  Italy Stefano Lovato Guido Nannini
9  Belgium Wim Eyckmans Mario Bormans
10  Norway Borre Skiaker Torbin Kvia
11  Austria Patrick Vallant Christian Eigl
12  United States Nick Firestone Manfred Fitzgerald
13  Ireland Vivion Daly Sam Thompson
14  Denmark Ina Neumann Thomas Mullin
15  Saudi Arabia Faisal Ali Raad Aduljawad
16  Czechoslovakia Michael Vesely Karel Vesely
17  Hungary Laszlo Szasz Erno Richter
18  Asia Ali Basakinci Reza Rashidian


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