1991 Stanley Cup playoffs

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The 1991 Stanley Cup Playoffs for the National Hockey League (NHL) championship began on April 3, 1991 following the 1990–91 regular season. The sixteen teams that qualified, from the top four teams of the four divisions, played best-of-seven series with re-seeding after the division finals. The Conference Champions played a best-of-seven series for the Stanley Cup.

This was the first of 24 consecutive years in which the Detroit Red Wings have qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Their streak is the fifth longest in NHL history, and the longest active playoff appearance streak in the four major American professional sports.

The finals concluded on May 25 with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup, defeating the Minnesota North Stars in the final series four games to two. Pittsburgh forward Mario Lemieux was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as Most Valuable Player of the playoffs.

This was the first NHL playoffs without any series sweeps since the 1972-73 season.

Playoff seeds[edit]

In the 1990–91 season, teams qualified based on their division standing at the end of the regular season. Playoffs then proceeded among the top four teams in each division, providing a division winner. The two division winners of each conference then played off to provide a conference winner. The two conference winners then played off in the final to produce a Stanley Cup champion.

The following teams qualified for the playoffs:

Prince of Wales Conference[edit]

Adams Division[edit]

  1. Boston Bruins, Adams Division champions, Prince of Wales Conference regular season champions – 100 points
  2. Montreal Canadiens – 89 points
  3. Buffalo Sabres – 81 points
  4. Hartford Whalers – 73 points

Patrick Division[edit]

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins, Patrick Division champions – 88 points
  2. New York Rangers – 85 points
  3. Washington Capitals – 81 points
  4. New Jersey Devils – 79 points

Clarence Campbell Conference[edit]

Norris Division[edit]

  1. Chicago Blackhawks, Norris Division champions, Clarence Campbell Conference regular season champions, Presidents' Trophy winners – 106 points
  2. St. Louis Blues – 105 points
  3. Detroit Red Wings – 76 points
  4. Minnesota North Stars – 68 points

Smythe Division[edit]

  1. Los Angeles Kings, Smythe Division champions – 102 points
  2. Calgary Flames – 100 points
  3. Edmonton Oilers – 80 points
  4. Vancouver Canucks – 65 points

Playoff bracket[edit]

  Division Semifinals Division Finals Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
A1  Boston 4  
A4  Hartford 2  
  A1  Boston 4  
  A2  Montreal 3  
A2  Montreal 4
A3  Buffalo 2  
  A1  Boston 2  
Prince of Wales Conference
  P1  Pittsburgh 4  
P1  Pittsburgh 4  
P4  New Jersey 3  
  P1  Pittsburgh 4
  P3  Washington 1  
P2  NY Rangers 2
P3  Washington 4  
  P1  Pittsburgh 4
  N4  Minnesota 2
N1  Chicago 2  
N4  Minnesota 4  
  N4  Minnesota 4
  N2  St. Louis 2  
N2  St. Louis 4
N3  Detroit 3  
  N4  Minnesota 4
Clarence Campbell Conference
  S3  Edmonton 1  
S1  Los Angeles 4  
S4  Vancouver 2  
  S1  Los Angeles 2
  S3  Edmonton 4  
S2  Calgary 3
S3  Edmonton 4  

Division Semifinals[edit]

Prince of Wales Conference[edit]

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (A4) Hartford Whalers[edit]

Boston won series 4–2

(A2) Montreal Canadiens vs. (A3) Buffalo Sabres[edit]

Montreal won series 4–2

(P1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (P4) New Jersey Devils[edit]

Pittsburgh won series 4–3

(P2) New York Rangers vs. (P3) Washington Capitals[edit]

Washington won series 4–2

Clarence Campbell Conference[edit]

(N1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (N4) Minnesota North Stars[edit]

Minnesota won series 4–2

(N2) St. Louis Blues vs. (N3) Detroit Red Wings[edit]

St. Louis won series 4–3

(S1) Los Angeles Kings vs. (S4) Vancouver Canucks[edit]

Los Angeles won series 4–2

(S2) Calgary Flames vs. (S3) Edmonton Oilers[edit]

Edmonton won series 4–3

Division Finals[edit]

Prince of Wales Conference[edit]

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (A2) Montreal Canadiens[edit]

Boston won series 4–3

(P1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (P3) Washington Capitals[edit]

Pittsburgh won series 4–1

Clarence Campbell Conference[edit]

(N2) St. Louis Blues vs. (N4) Minnesota North Stars[edit]

Minnesota won series 4–2

(S1) Los Angeles Kings vs. (S3) Edmonton Oilers[edit]

Edmonton won series 4–2

Conference Finals[edit]

Prince of Wales Conference Final[edit]

(A1) Boston Bruins vs. (P1) Pittsburgh Penguins[edit]

Pittsburgh won series 4–2

Clarence Campbell Conference Final[edit]

(S3) Edmonton Oilers vs. (N4) Minnesota North Stars[edit]

Minnesota's series victory was the first time since realignment in 1981 that the Clarence Campbell Conference was not represented by a Canadian or Smythe Division team in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Minnesota won series 4–1

Stanley Cup Finals[edit]

Pittsburgh won series 4–2

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