1992 Formula One Indoor Trophy

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The 1992 Formula One Indoor Trophy took place on December 7–8 at the Bologna Motor Show. The winner was Johnny Herbert in a Lotus-Judd.


The 1992 Formula One Indoor Trophy, at the end of the 1992 Formula One season, was entered by just 5 competitors, one down on the previous year.

Johnny Herbert represented Lotus, as he had in 1991, continuing the role he had carried out during the season alongside Mika Häkkinen. Oddly, however, he was using a Judd engine as opposed to Ford unit the team had used during the season and would continue to use in 1993.

BMS Scuderia Italia, using their Dallara chassis, were represented once again by JJ Lehto, who had also driven for them during the regular season alongside Pierluigi Martini. Michele Alboreto also drove for them, and he would appear in the 1993 season for the team.

The field was completed by a pair of Minardis, driven by Christian Fittipaldi and Alessandro Zanardi. The pair had shared one of Minardi's cars during 1992, with former champion Gianni Morbidelli in the other, but Morbidelli was not selected for the event.

Driver Team
Italy Michele Alboreto BMS Dallara-Ferrari
Brazil Christian Fittipaldi Minardi-Lamborghini
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert Lotus-Judd
Finland JJ Lehto BMS Dallara-Ferrari
Italy Alessandro Zanardi Minardi-Lamborghini


Christian Fittipaldi received a bye to the semi-finals. In the quarters, Lehto was drawn against Zanardi while Herbert faced Alboreto. Lehto beat Zanardi in a close match-up, and Herbert won through against Alboreto in an equally close pairing. As the closest loser, Zanardi also went through to the semi-finals.

He was drawn against Herbert, but lost again, leaving Lehto to beat Fittipaldi in the other semi-final, eliminating both Minardis. Herbert defeated Lehto in the final, becoming the first person to win the event in a non-Italian car.

  Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Brazil  Christian Fittipaldi  
    Finland  JJ Lehto  
Finland  JJ Lehto
  Italy  Alessandro Zanardi  
    Finland  JJ Lehto
  United Kingdom  Johnny Herbert
  United Kingdom  Johnny Herbert  
Italy  Michele Alboreto  
United Kingdom  Johnny Herbert
    Italy  Alessandro Zanardi