1992 German motorcycle Grand Prix

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Germany  1992 German Grand Prix
Race details
Race 7 of 13 races in the
1992 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Hockenheimring prior to 2002.svg
Date 14 June 1992
Location Hockenheim
Course Permanent racing facility
6.823 km (4.24 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider Australia Mick Doohan
Time 1:58.325
Fastest lap
Rider Australia Mick Doohan
Time 1:58.956
First Australia Mick Doohan
Second United States Kevin Schwantz
Third Australia Wayne Gardner
250 cc
Pole position
Rider Italy Max Biaggi
Time 2:06.630
Fastest lap
Rider Italy Loris Reggiani
Time 2:06.499
First Italy Pierfrancesco Chili
Second Italy Max Biaggi
Third Italy Loris Reggiani
125 cc
Pole position
Rider Germany Ralf Waldmann
Time 2:18.346
Fastest lap
Rider Italy Ezio Gianola
Time 2:19.065
First Italy Bruno Casanova
Second Italy Fausto Gresini
Third Germany Ralf Waldmann

The 1992 German motorcycle Grand Prix was the seventh round of the 1992 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on the weekend of 12–14 June 1992, at the Hockenheim circuit.

500cc race[edit]

Wayne Rainey took a big highside in qualifying and crashed, breaking his ribs, wrist and injuring his knee, but decided to race anyway. "Mentally I was down, probably the worst I had ever been in my GP career. I’d screwed myself up trying to race with Doohan. And I didn’t feel I was getting the support from Yamaha. I was still on the same bike, it was still slow."[1]

Mick Doohan was on pole. John Kocinski took the lead at the start but gave it up to Doohan quickly. Doohan got a gap to Kevin Schwantz, then the rest followed. Rainey retired from the race: "I ended up pulling in, for the first time in my career, because I was just too hurt to continue. ... I knew anything could happen, but the only thing for me would be if Mick made a huge mistake. That was possible because I knew he only thought about being the fastest guy, winning every race and devastating everybody."[2]

The fight for third between Àlex Crivillé, Wayne Gardner and Kocinski went to experience over youth.

500 cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 Australia Mick Doohan Honda 35:57.895 20
2 United States Kevin Schwantz Suzuki +24.626 15
3 Australia Wayne Gardner Honda +35.765 12
4 Spain Àlex Crivillé Honda +35.943 10
5 United States John Kocinski Yamaha +36.065 8
6 United States Eddie Lawson Cagiva +36.646 6
7 Brazil Alex Barros Cagiva +37.920 4
8 United States Doug Chandler Suzuki +38.204 3
9 Spain Juan Garriga Yamaha +42.263 2
10 Australia Peter Goddard ROC Yamaha +1:10.185 1
11 Canada Miguel Duhamel Yamaha +1:15.276
12 Spain Juan Lopez Mella ROC Yamaha +1:36.493
13 France Dominique Sarron ROC Yamaha +1:37.457
14 Germany Michael Rudroff Harris Yamaha +1:37.802
15 Republic of Ireland Eddie Laycock Yamaha +1:38.940
16 United Kingdom Kevin Mitchell Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
17 United Kingdom Damon Buckmaster Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
18 Switzerland Nicholas Schmassman ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
19 Netherlands Cees Doorakkers Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
20 Austria Josef Doppler ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
21 United Kingdom Peter Graves Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
22 Italy Lucio Pedercini Paton +1 Lap
Ret Switzerland Serge David ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret France Thierry Crine ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret Italy Marco Papa Librenti Retirement
Ret France Claude Arciero ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret Japan Toshiyuki Arakaki ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret United States Randy Mamola Yamaha Retirement
Ret United Kingdom Niall Mackenzie Yamaha Retirement
Ret United States Wayne Rainey Yamaha Retirement
Ret Italy Corrado Catalano ROC Yamaha Retirement

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