1992 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics

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V Ibero-American Championships
Host city Seville, Spain
Date(s) 17 – 19 July
Main stadium Estadio Olímpico de La Cartuja
Participation 462 athletes from
22 nations
Events 43
Records set 14 championship records

The competition venue in Seville

The 1992 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics (Spanish: V Campeonato Iberoamericano de Atletismo) was the fifth edition of the international athletics competition between Ibero-American nations which was held at the Estadio Olímpico de La Cartuja in Seville, Spain from 17–19 July.[1] A total of 41 track and field events were contested (22 by men and 19 by women) and 14 new championship records were set.[2]

The 1992 Barcelona Olympics were to be celebrated a month later and, as a result of timing and location, the Ibero-American Championships attracted a number of top foreign athletes who were preparing for the Olympics.[3] A record high of 462 athletes representing 22 nations participated at the competition.[4] The combination of high participation and performances made the 1992 edition one of the most successful in Ibero-American Championships history. The event fell within the cultural programme of the Seville Expo '92.[3]

The Cuban delegation was the most successful: it won all four relay races and all but two of the men's and women's field events. Cuban athletes won 23 of the 41 events and ended the competition with a medal count of 36. Brazil had the second best team performance, with eight event winners from 27 medallists, while the host nation Spain had the next highest totals with three gold medals and 26 medals in total.[2]

The marathon races were not included in the programme in 1992 (a permanent change) and were instead held separately in Barcelona that year, with Spaniards Rodrigo Gavela and Ana Isabel Alonso taking the honours.[5] The women's triple jump was contested for the first time and Cuba's Niurka Montalvo did a long and triple jump double. Carmen de Oliveira of Brazil won both the 3000 metres and 10,000 metres races. Nineteen-year-old Iván Pedroso broke the championship record in the men's long jump. Robson da Silva won the men's 200 metres for a record fourth time consecutively.[2]

The men's high jump winner Javier Sotomayor became Olympic champion the following August. Among other competitors, Ximena Restrepo and Ana Fidelia Quirot (the winners of the 400 m and 800 m races) went on to win Olympic bronzes at the 1992 Barcelona Games, while the winning Cuban men's relay teams also reached the Olympic podium.

Medal summary[edit]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(Wind: −2.2 m/s)
 Joel Isasi (CUB) 10.41  Andrés Simón (CUB) 10.52  Arnaldo da Silva (BRA) 10.54
200 metres
(Wind: −2.6 m/s)
 Robson da Silva (BRA) 20.58  Joel Lamela (CUB) 21.12  Sérgio Menezes (BRA) 21.44
400 metres  Sidnei Telles de Souza (BRA) 45.38  Inaldo Sena (BRA) 46.14  Henry Aguiar (VEN) 46.29
800 metres  Jesús Herrera (CUB) 1:47.72  Pablo Squella (CHI) 1:48.29  Edgar de Oliveira (BRA) 1:48.38
1500 metres  Víctor Rojas (ESP) 3:42.25 CR  Ángel Fariña (ESP) 3:42.76  Edgar de Oliveira (BRA) 3:43.26
5000 metres  Valdenor dos Santos (BRA) 13:54.79  Anacleto Jiménez (ESP) 13:55.35  Martín Fiz (ESP) 13:57.99
10,000 metres  Francisco Guerra (ESP) 28:49.15 CR  Valdenor dos Santos (BRA) 28:51.22  Rolando Vera (ECU) 28:55.16
110 m hurdles  Emilio Valle (CUB) 13.41 CR  Alexis Sánchez (CUB) 13.66  Carlos Sala (ESP) 13.76
400 m hurdles  Eronilde de Araújo (BRA) 50.06  Juan Gutiérrez (MEX) 50.26  Pedro Piñera (CUB) 50.37
3000 m steeplechase  Clodoaldo do Carmo (BRA) 8:38.55  Eduardo Henriques (POR) 8:40.35  Antonio Peula (ESP) 8:40.93
4×100 m relay  Cuba (CUB)
Andrés Simón
Jorge Luis Aguilera
Joel Lamela
Joel Isasi
39.19  Spain (ESP)
José Javier Arqués
Enrique Talavera
Juan Jesús Trampero
Sergio López
39.44  Brazil (BRA)
Fernando Botasso
André da Silva
Arnaldo da Silva
Robson da Silva
4×400 m relay  Cuba (CUB)
Norberto Téllez
Jorge Valentin
Lázaro Martínez
Roberto Hernández
3:01.58  Brazil (BRA)
Sidnei Telles de Souza
Eronilde de Araújo
Ediélson Rocha Tenorio
Inaldo Justino de Sena
3:03.50  Mexico (MEX)
Juan Vallín
Josué Morales
Luis Karim Toledo
Raymundo Escalante
20 km track walk  Alberto Cruz (MEX) 1:25:35.9  Clodomiro Moreno (COL) 1:25:41.2  Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:25:50.5
High jump  Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.30 m  Gustavo Becker (ESP) 2.26 m  Marino Drake (CUB) 2.24 m
Pole vault  Edgar Díaz (PUR) 5.40 m CR  Nuno Fernandes (POR) 5.30 m  Alberto Ruiz (ESP) 5.20 m
Long jump  Iván Pedroso (CUB) 8.53 m CR  Jesús Oliván (ESP) 7.98 m  Elmer Williams (PUR) 7.91 m
Triple jump  Yoelbi Quesada (CUB) 16.93 m (w)  Anísio Silva (BRA) 16.40 m  Juan Miguel López (CUB) 16.36 m (w)
Shot put  Gert Weil (CHI) 18.94 m  Manuel Martínez (ESP) 17.49 m  Adilson Oliveira (BRA) 17.44 m
Discus throw  Juan Martínez (CUB) 63.02 m  David Martínez (ESP) 61.56 m  Luis Delís (CUB) 61.18 m
Hammer throw  Eladio Hernández (CUB) 70.62 m CR  Andrés Charadía (ARG) 69.38 m  Guillermo Guzmán (MEX) 68.06 m
Javelin throw  Ramón González (CUB) 75.88 m CR  Luis Lucumí (COL) 74.74 m  Julián Sotelo (ESP) 70.50 m
Decathlon  Xavier Brunet (ESP) 7621 pts  José de Assis (BRA) 7480 pts  Fernando Luis Benet (ESP) 7299 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Liliana Allen (CUB) 11.39 CR  Norfalia Carabalí (COL) 11.72  Claudete Alves Pina (BRA) 11.76
200 metres
(Wind: −2.9 m/s)
 Norfalia Carabalí (COL) 23.97  Idalmis Bonne (CUB) 24.01  Claudete Alves Pina (BRA) 24.37
400 metres  Ximena Restrepo (COL) 51.66  Myra Mayberry (PUR) 52.78  Odalmis Limonta (CUB) 53.30
800 metres  Ana Fidelia Quirot (CUB) 2:01.96  Maria Figueirêdo (BRA) 2:02.45  Elsa Amaral (POR) 2:02.75
1500 metres  Soraya Telles (BRA) 4:18.03  Estela Estévez (ESP) 4:18.40  Norma Fernández (ARG) 4:18.78
3000 metres  Carmen de Oliveira (BRA) 9:20.83  Mabel Arrúa (ARG) 9:23.24  María Luisa Servín (MEX) 9:23.71
10,000 metres  Carmen de Oliveira (BRA) 33:21.00 CR  Griselda González (ARG) 33:24.89  Martha Tenorio (ECU) 33:29.69
100 m hurdles  Aliuska López (CUB) 13.13  Odalys Adams (CUB) 13.15  María José Mardomingo (ESP) 13.71
400 m hurdles  Lency Montelier (CUB) 56.79  Miriam Alonso (ESP) 57.01  Jupira da Graça (BRA) 58.32
4×100 m relay  Cuba (CUB)
Miriam Ferrer
Eusebia Riquelme
Idalmis Bonne
Liliana Allen
44.49  Spain (ESP)
María Paz Minicozzi
Cristina Castro
Yolanda Díaz
Cristina Martín
45.53  Colombia (COL)
Zorobabelia Córdoba
Ximena Restrepo
Maribelcy Peña
Norfalia Carabalí
4×400 m relay  Cuba (CUB)
Julia Duporty
Odalmis Limonta
Lincy Montelier
Ana Fidelia Quirot
3:33.43  Spain (ESP)
Gregoria Ferrer
Esther Lahoz
Blanca Lacambra
Cristina Pérez
3:34.22  Uruguay (URU)
Marcela Tiscornia
Soledad Acerenza
Inés Justet
Claudia Acerenza
10 km track walk  Francisca Martínez (MEX) 47:51.95  Olga Sánchez (ESP) 48:08.86  Miriam Ramón (ECU) 48:13.74
High jump  Ioamnet Quintero (CUB) 1.98 m CR  Silvia Costa (CUB) 1.93 m  Cristina Fink (MEX) 1.87 m
Long jump  Niurka Montalvo (CUB) 6.51 m (w)  Luisa López (ESP) 6.37 m  María Jesús Martín (ESP) 5.94 m
Triple jump  Niurka Montalvo (CUB) 13.60 m CR  Rita Slompo (BRA) 12.96 m  Andrea Ávila (ARG) 12.82 m
Shot put  Belsis Laza (CUB) 19.31 m CR  Elisângela Adriano (BRA) 16.75 m  Margarita Ramos (ESP) 16.69 m
Discus throw  Hilda Ramos (CUB) 67.46 m CR  Bárbara Hechevarría (CUB) 64.14 m  María Isabel Urrutia (COL) 57.46 m
Javelin throw
(Old javelin model)
 Dulce García (CUB) 57.38 m  Isel López (CUB) 55.80 m  Carla Bispo (BRA) 53.40 m
Heptathlon  Zorobabelia Córdoba (COL) 5808 pts CR NR  Ana María Comaschi (ARG) 5795 pts NR  Ana Lúcia Silva (BRA) 5320 pts

Medal table[edit]

Cuba's Iván Pedroso broke the championship record to win the men's long jump.
Manuel Martínez of Spain won the shot put silver medal at the age of 18.
  The host country is in bold and highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Cuba 23 8 5 36
2  Brazil 8 8 11 27
3  Spain 3 13 10 26
4  Colombia 3 3 2 8
5  Mexico 2 1 4 7
6  Puerto Rico 1 1 1 3
7  Chile 1 1 0 2
8  Argentina 0 4 2 6
9  Portugal 0 2 0 2
10  Ecuador 0 0 4 4
11  Uruguay 0 0 1 1
12  Venezuela 0 0 1 1
Total 41 41 41 123
  • The medallists from the 1992 Ibero-American Marathon Championship (held separately in Barcelona) were later included in the official medal count. The table above excludes these medals.[6]


For the first time in the history of the competition, all twenty-two members of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Atletismo were present at the championships. Reflecting this, the number of competing athletes (462) was more than double that of the previous edition.[7]


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