1993–94 Whitbread Round the World Race

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The 1993 to 1994 Whitbread Round the World Race was run to "mixed class" rules (as with prior races). New for the 93/4 race was a purpose built Whitbread boat—the W60. As with previous years a handicap was applied to different boats based on their race rating. The competitors were none too keen or running both Maxis and W60's together. The two competing classes battled throughout with protest flags always at the ready. Many entrants wanted the old maxis banned for this year, however owing to concerns over whether enough new boats would be ready (not to mention the large investments the Maxi owners had made in previous years), several Maxis were allowed to compete in the 1993 to 1994 race. The W60 skippers almost unanimously insisted they were in a 'completely different boat race', to the fury of Grant Dalton skippering a maxi. Dalton conceded afterwards however that the race should only have one class in future, to avoid similar squabbles.

Final Standings

Pos Boat Nat Skipper Class Aggregate
1 NZ Endeavour  New Zealand Grant Dalton (NZ) Maxi 120 d 5 h
2 Yamaha  Japan/ New Zealand Ross Field (NZ) W60 120 d 14 h
3 Merit Cup  United Kingdom Pierre Fehlmann (F) Maxi 121 d 2 h
4 Intrum Justitia Europe Roger Nilson (S) / Lawrie Smith (GB) W60 121 d 5 h
5 Galicia 93 Pescanova  Spain Javier de la Gandara (Esp) W60 122 d 6 h
6 Winston  United States Dennis Conner (USA) /Brad Butterworth (NZ) W60 122 d 9 h
7 La Poste  France Éric Tabarly (F) Maxi 123 d 22 h
8 Tokio  Japan Chris Dickson (NZ) W60 128 d 16 h
9 Brooksfield  Italy Guido Maisto (I) W60 130 d 4 h
10 Hetman Sahaidachny  Ukraine Eugene Platon (Ukr) W60 135 d 23 h
11 Reebok/Dolphin Youth  United Kingdom Mathew Humphries (GB) W60 137 d 21 h
12 Heineken  United States Dawn Riley (USA) W60 138 d 16 h
13 Odessa  Ukraine Anatoly Verba (Ukr) W60 158 d 4 h
NF Fortuna  Spain Lawrie Smith (GB) Maxi WD
Full details of finishing positions can be found in: Media Guide: 5. History

Intrum Justitia was originally skippered by Roger Nilson, who was injured on the first leg.

  • Corrected time takes the boat's handicap into account.

Leg Winners:

Leg Start Finish Leg winner Skipper
1 Southampton, England Punta del Este, Uruguay NZ Endeavour Grant Dalton (NZ)
2 Punta del Este, Uruguay Fremantle, Australia Intrum Justitia Lawrie Smith (GB)
3 Fremantle, Australia Auckland, New Zealand NZ Endeavour Grant Dalton (NZ)
4 Auckland, New Zealand Punta del Este, Uruguay NZ Endeavour Grant Dalton (NZ)
5 Punta del Este, Uruguay Fort Lauderdale, USA Yamaha Ross Field (NZ)
6 Fort Lauderdale, USA Southampton, England Tokio Chris Dickson (NZ)