1993 EFDA Nations Cup

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1993 EFDA Nations Cup
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The EFDA Nations Cup, was a Country vs Country competition for Formula Opel cars between 1990 and 1998. It had always been Dan Partel's dream to stage a race that pitted drivers in equal cars racing for their country. The Formula Opel/Vauxhall one make racing series offered the best opportunity for such an event.

The 1993 EFDA Nations Cup (Nations Cup IV), was held at Estoril, Portugal (3 October 1993).

Final positions[edit]

Position Country Driver 1 Driver 2
1  Austria Martin Albrecht Hubert Stromberger
2  Belgium Vincent Radermecker Wim Eyckmans
3  Brazil Tony Kanaan Luis Garcia
4  San Marino Oliver Martini Matteo Calestani
5  Sweden Peter Hallen Mikael Kinnmark
6  Italy Patrick Crinelli Sandro Spolodore
7  Portugal Pedro Couceiro Manuel Gião
8  United Nations Carl Rosenblad Freddy Van Beuren
9  Netherlands Donny Crevels Gerard van de Kammen
10  Ireland Wayne Douglas Vivion Daly
11  Argentina Norberto Fontana Adrian Hang
12  Estonia Rain Pilve Guido Almere
13  Germany Klaus Panchyrz Jens Nothelle
14  France Phillippe Carlier Benjamin Mahé
15  Norway Tommy Rustad Lars Svelander


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