1993 Tooheys 1000

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1993 Tooheys 1000
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The 1993 Tooheys 1000 was the 34th running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race. It was held on 3 October 1993 at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. The race was held for cars eligible under CAMS Group 3A Touring Car regulations, which included 5.0 litre V8 engined cars (that later became known as V8Supercars), International Class II 2.0 litre Touring Cars (that later became known as Supertouring Cars and normally aspirated two wheel drive cars complying with 1992 CAMS Group 3A regulations [1] (which had been based on international Group A rules).

Class structure[edit]

Class A: Over 2000cc [2][edit]

The class later to become known as V8 Supercar, it consisted of V8 Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores with a special dispensation to allow Group A 2.5 litre BMW M3s and a BMW 635CSi to race.

Class B: Up to 2000cc [2][edit]

The class later to become known as Supertouring, it consisted of a pair of Toyota Corollas and a Toyota Carina and a group of older modified Group A touring cars, BMW M3s, Ford Sierras and Toyota Corollas.

Tooheys Top 10[edit]

Pos No Team Driver Car TT10 Qual
Pole 11 Castrol Perkins Racing Australia Larry Perkins Holden VP Commodore 2:13.013 2:12.86
2 1 Winfield Racing Team Australia Mark Skaife Holden VP Commodore 2:13.573 2:13.06
3 15 Holden Racing Team Australia Tomas Mezera Holden VP Commodore 2:14.450 2:14.06
4 16 Holden Racing Team Australia Wayne Gardner Holden VP Commodore 2:14.903 2:14.31
5 17 Shell Racing Australia Dick Johnson Ford EB Falcon 2:15.386 2:14.76
6 30 Peter Jackson Racing Australia Glenn Seton Ford EB Falcon 2:15.459 2:14.37
7 05 Mobil 1 Racing Australia Peter Brock Holden VP Commodore 2:16.251 2:14.42
8 2 Winfield Racing Team Australia David Brabham Holden VP Commodore 2:16.308 2:15.82
9 18 Dick Johnson Racing New Zealand Paul Radisich Ford EB Falcon 2:16.545 2:14.96
10 7 GIO Racing Australia Neil Crompton Holden VP Commodore 2:29.902 2:14.98

* Larry Perkins was the only Commodore driver in the runoff to actually have a Holden V8 engine in his car. The rest of the Holden runners had the 5.0L Chevrolet engine in their cars.
* David Brabham became the first 2nd generation driver to compete in the runoff, emulating his triple Formula one World Championship winning father Jack who drove in the inaugural Top 10 runoff in 1978. By coincidence, both finished their respective runoffs in 8th position. The younger Brabham also became the 5th ex-F1 driver to qualify for the runoff following Jack Brabham, Derek Bell, Larry Perkins and Alan Jones.
* After the Ford EB Falcons had dominated the first six rounds of the ATCC, CAMS allowed a new aero package for the Holden VP Commodore's. At Bathurst this allowed the Commodore runners to qualify almost 3 seconds faster than they had in 1992. The fastest Ford driver in official qualifying Glenn Seton (the only Falcon runner in 1992) could only improve his 1992 time by 1.2 seconds.
* The first driver to run against the clock, Neil Crompton, spun on oil coming into Caltex Chase on his fast lap. During his television interview upon returning to the pits, Crompton said he was stunned to find oil flags waving going into the chase and questioned why the drivers were not told about the oil before the runoff started. As it happened, it was his own GIO Commodore that had been dropping the oil onto the track during both his warm up and official lap, causing grip problems for the next 7-8 drivers to face the clock.

Official results[edit]

Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual
1 A 11 Castrol Perkins Racing Australia Larry Perkins
Australia Gregg Hansford
Holden VP Commodore 161 1 1
2 A 1 Winfield Racing Team Australia Mark Skaife
New Zealand Jim Richards
Holden VP Commodore 161 2 2
3 A 16 Holden Racing Team Australia Wayne Gardner
Australia Brad Jones
Holden VP Commodore 160 4 4
4 A 2 Winfield Racing Team Australia David Brabham
Sweden Anders Olofsson
Holden VP Commodore 159 10 8
5 A 55 Pepsi Quix Racing Australia Troy Dunstan
Australia Steve Harrington
Holden VP Commodore 156 12
6 A 35 Peter Jackson Racing Australia Geoff Brabham
Australia David Parsons
Ford EB Falcon 154 14
7 A 12 Ampol Max 3 Racing Australia Bob Jones
Australia Greg Crick
Holden VP Commodore 153 15
8 A 18 Shell Racing New Zealand Paul Radisich
Australia Cameron McConville
Ford EB Falcon 151 8 9
9 A 27 Terry Finnigan Australia Terry Finnigan
Australia Garry Rogers
Holden VP Commodore 150 20
10 A 33 Pro-Duct Motorsport Australia Bob Pearson
Australia Bruce Stewart
Holden VP Commodore 148 17
11 A 20 Benson & Hedges Racing Australia John Blanchard
United Kingdom Jeff Allam
BMW M3 Evolution 148 24
12 A 21 Laurie Donaher Australia Laurie Donaher
Australia Mick Donaher
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 147 22
13 A 14 Warren Jonsson Australia Warren Jonsson
Australia Des Wall
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 146 27
14 A 47 Daily Planet Racing Australia John Trimbole
Australia Andrew Harris
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 146 28
15 A 23 Diet Coke Racing Australia Paul Morris
Germany Joachim Winkelhock
BMW M3 Evolution 146 11
16 A 28 Playscape Racing Australia Mike Preston
Australia Brett Peters
Ford EB Falcon 145 19
17 A 05 Mobil 1 Racing Australia Peter Brock
United Kingdom John Cleland
Holden VP Commodore 142 6 7
18 A 4 GIO Racing Australia Stuart McColl
Australia Peter Gazzard
Holden VP Commodore 140 23
19 B 52 M3 Motorsport Australia Peter Doulman
Australia John Cotter
BMW M3 136 36
20 A 26 Darrel Dixon Australia Graham Lusty
Australia Kevin Heffernan
Australia John Lusty
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 135 29
21 A 22 Wayne Douglass Racing Australia Brett Youlden
Australia John English
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 134 26
22 B 13 Bob Holden Motors Australia Dennis Rogers
Australia Peter Hopwood
Toyota Sprinter 128 44
23 B 79 Cadillac Productions Australia Mike Conway
Australia Calvin Gardiner
Australia Gavin Monaghan
Toyota Sprinter 127 38
DNF A 30 Peter Jackson Racing Australia Glenn Seton
Australia Alan Jones
Ford EB Falcon 147 5 6
DNF A 7 Bob Forbes Motorsport Australia Neil Crompton
Australia Mark Gibbs
Holden VP Commodore 125 9 10
DNF B 50 Knight Racing Australia Steve Masteron
Australia Peter Hills
Ford Sierra 122 45
DNF B 6 Caltex CXT Racing Team Australia John Smith
Australia Neal Bates
Toyota Corolla Seca 113 33
DNF A 15 Holden Racing Team Australia Tomas Mezera
United Kingdom Win Percy
Holden VP Commodore 107 3 3
DNF B 72 Brad Stratton Australia Brad Stratton
Australia Chris Madden
Toyota Corolla 100 41
DNF A 17 Shell Racing Australia Dick Johnson
Australia John Bowe
Ford EB Falcon 96 7 5
DNF A 19 Lansvale Smash Repairs Australia Glenn Mason
Australia Richard Wilson
Australia Gregg McShane
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 93 34
DNF A 39 Bill O'Brien Australia Bill O'Brien
Australia Barry Graham
Australia Brian Callaghan Jr
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 81 25
DNF A 3 Lansvale Smash Repairs Australia Steve Reed
Australia Trevor Ashby
Holden VP Commodore 80 16
DNF A 25 Benson & Hedges Racing Australia Tony Longhurst
United Kingdom Steve Soper
BMW M3 Evolution 79 13
DNF A 45 Ray Gulson Australia Ray Gulson
Australia Graham Gulson
BMW 635 CSi 70 31
DNF B 8 Caltex CXT Racing Team Australia Colin Bond
Australia Terry Bosnjak
Toyota Corolla Seca 64 35
DNF B 77 Phoenix Motorsport Australia Steven Ellery
Australia Gary Gosatti
Ford Sierra 62 37
DNF B 99 Malcolm Rea Australia Steve Cramp
Australia Dennis Cribbin
Toyota Sprinter 57 43
DNF A 24 Diet Coke Racing Australia Geoff Full
Australia Peter Fitzgerald
BMW M3 Evolution 53 21
DNF B 75 Frank Binding Australia Frank Binding
Australia Frank Dartell
Toyota Corolla 52 39
DNF B 49 Bob Holden Motors New Zealand Dave McMillan
Australia Matthew Martin
Australia Spencer Martin
Toyota Corolla FX-GT 46 40
DNF A 10 Allan Moffat Enterprises Australia Andrew Miedecke
Australia Charlie O'Brien
Ford EB Falcon 41 18
DNF A 44 Stuart McColl Australia Ken Mathews
Australia Tony Mulvihill
Australia John Mathews
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 31 30
DNF A 41 Garry Willmington Performance Australia Garry Willmington
Australia Darren Pate
Australia Tom Watkinson
Ford EB Falcon 29 32
DNF B 66 Malcolm Rea Australia Gregg Easton
Australia Kurt Kratzmann
Toyota Sprinter 8 42
DNS A 34 Pro-Duct Motorsport Australia Bruce Stewart
Australia Darren Stewart
Holden VP Commodore
DNS A 43 John Leeson Australia John Leeson
Australia Steve Coulter
Australia Greg Smith
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV
DNQ B 88 Malcolm Rea Australia Malcolm Rea
Australia Ken Talbert
New Zealand Chris Barns
Toyota Carina


  • Provisional Pole Position - #11 Larry Perkins - 2:12.86
  • Pole Position – #11 Larry Perkins – 2:13.013
  • Fastest Lap – #1 Mark Skaife – 2:14.803 (165.92 km/h) on lap 84 [3]
  • Winners' Average Speed – 154.51 km/h [3]
  • Race Time - 6:29:06.69

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