1994 Kids' Choice Awards

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7th Kids' Choice Awards
Date 1994
Host Joey Lawrence, Candace Cameron, and Marc Weiner
Television/Radio coverage
Network Nickelodeon
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In 1994 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards was the seventh annual awards event. The event was held on May 1, 1994 from the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, and hosted by Joey Lawrence, Candace Cameron, and Marc Weiner.[1]


Favorite TV Actor[edit]

Favorite TV Actress[edit]

Favorite TV Show[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]

Celebrity Slimings[edit]

Favorite Singer[edit]

Favorite Music Group[edit]

Favorite Song[edit]

  • Whoop (There It Is)- Tag Team

Favorite Movie Actress[edit]

(Sister Act 2)

Favorite Movie Actor[edit]

(Mrs. Doubtfire)

Favorite Movie[edit]

Favorite Male Athlete[edit]

Favorite Female Athlete[edit]

Favorite Sports Team[edit]

Favorite International Performer[edit]

  • Let Loose

Favorite Cartoon[edit]

Favorite Video Game[edit]

Favorite Animal Star[edit]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (for the title heroes)

Hall Of Fame Winner[edit]