1994 Winter Olympics closing ceremony

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1994 Winter Olympics

The 1994 Winter Olympics closing ceremony was held in Lysgårdsbakken in Lillehammer, Norway on 27 February 1994. All spectators were handed a flashlight with the inscription "Remember Sarajevo"—the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics which was at the heart of the Bosnian War. The first entrants on the stage were Liv Ullmann and Thor Heyerdal,[1] followed by the athletes' precession. After the flag had been transferred to Nagano mayor Tasuka Tsukada, speeches were held by Lillehammer mayor Audun Tron, Gerhard Heiberg and Juan Antonio Samaranch. The latter used his speech to remind about Sarajevo's situation,[2] before giving Heiberg IOC's gold medal, and declaring the games "the best Olympic Winter Games ever".[3] Artistic presentations followed with many of the themes from the opening ceremony. The 1998 Winter Olympics' mascots, the Snowlets, was also presented. Of the 2,200 people performing in the opening and closing ceremonies, only 50 were professionals.[4] The Anthems of Greece, Norway, and Japan were heard there.



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