1995 Citizen Cup

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This article is about the 1995 Citizen Cup in sailing. For the tennis tournament of the same year, see 1995 Citizen Cup (tennis).
1995 Citizen Cup
San Diego, United States
Date January 13 – April 23, 1995
Defending champions America3

The 1995 Citizen Cup was the defender selection series regatta for the 1995 America's Cup, held in the United States. Three defense syndicates (featuring four IACC yachts) competed over four round robins and a semi-finals series in order earn a berth in the Citizen Cup finals; the winner earned the right to defend the America's Cup against the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup (challenger selection series regatta).

Citizen Cup Competition[edit]

The 1995 Citizen Cup featured the first all female crew aboard Mighty Mary of the America3 Foundation syndicate, defender of both the Citizen Cup and America's Cup.

Competing Yachts[edit]

Sail Yacht Syndicate Yacht Club Nation
USA-23 America3 America3 Foundation San Diego Yacht Club  United States
USA-43 Mighty Mary America3 Foundation San Diego Yacht Club  United States
USA-34 Stars & Stripes Team Dennis Conner San Diego Yacht Club  United States
USA-36 Young America PACT 95 San Diego Yacht Club  United States


Bill Koch's 1995 entry was an all women's programme. When it was first announced in March 1994 the team attracted over 600 applicants.[1] The team sailed the 1992 boat America3 (USA-23) before the arrival of Mighty Mary (USA-43) in time for the fourth round robin. Tactician Dave Dellenbaugh joined the crew for the final round robin.

Team Dennis Conner[edit]

Team Dennis Conner sailed Stars & Stripes (USA-34) during the challenger series, which many judges considered to be the slowest of the three 1995 defenders.[2] During the semi finals USA-34 began taking on water and the crew put on life jackets as they feared the boat might sink. However the team sailed well and won the Citizen Cup and the right to defend the America's Cup. Dennis Conner led a team that included Helmsman Paul Cayard.

PACT 95[edit]

PACT 95 was based in Maine and led by John Marshall. The team developed Young America (USA-36) which, despite being badly damaged twice, finished the Citizen Cup with the best record of 24-12. However they lost to Team Dennis Conner in the final. Young America was used by Team Dennis Conner as they unsuccessfully attempted to defend the America's Cup.

Round robin[edit]

One point was awarded for a win in Round Robin one, two for RR2, four for RR3 and 7 for a win in RR4. Young America took two bonus points into the semifinals and Stars & Stripes took one bonus point.

Team name Won Lost RR1 Pts. RR2 Pts. RR3 Pts. RR4 Pts. Total Pts. Ranking
Young America 14 6 5 4 14 21 46 1
Stars & Stripes 11 9 3 6 14 7 32 2
America3/Mighty Mary 5 15 1 1 5 14 21 3


After a compromise was reached by the three syndicates, all three advanced into the finals. Young America took two bonus points into the final and Mighty Mary took one bonus point.

Yacht Won Lost Points
Young America 9 1 11
Mighty Mary 4 5 4
Stars & Stripes 3 7 4


Stars & Stripes overcame a large deficit to Mighty Mary to win the Citizen Cup. Judging that the yacht Young America was the fastest of the regatta, however, the Team Dennis Conner syndicate petitioned and was granted the right to sail Young America in place of Stars & Stripes in an unsuccessful attempt to defend the succeeding 1995 America's Cup against New Zealand's Black Magic.

Yacht Won Lost Points
Stars & Stripes 6 2 6
Mighty Mary 4 5 5
Young America 3 5 5


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