1995 World Archery Championships

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1995 World Archery Championships
Dates 1 August 1995 – 6 August 1995
Location Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia

The 1995 World Archery Championships was the 38th edition of the World Archery Championships. The event was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in August 1995 and was organised by World Archery Federation (FITA).

The event marked the first championships where the compound discipline was contested. It also marked the last World Championships at which eventual women's recurve champion Natalia Valeeva represented Moldova (and previously Soviet Union) before switching allegiance to Italy, for whom she also triumphed at the 2007 World Archery Championships.[1]



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual  Lee Kyung-Chul
South Korea (KOR)
 Wu Tsung-Yi
Chinese Taipei (TPE)
 Oh Kyo-Moon
South Korea (KOR)
Men's team  South Korea
Kim Jae-Rak
Oh Kyo-Moon
Lee Kyung-Chul
Matteo Bisiani
Andrea Parenti
Alessandro Rivolta
 United States
Jay Barrs
Richard McKinney
Lonny King
Women's individual  Natalia Valeeva
Moldova (MDA)
 Barbara Mensing
Germany (GER)
 Yoom Yoon-Ja
South Korea (KOR)
Women's team  South Korea
Yoom Yoon-Ja
Hwang Jin-Hae
Kim Jo-Sun
Elif Eksi
Natalia Nasaridze
Elif Altınkaynak
Nurfitryana Lantang


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual  Gary Broadhead
United States (USA)
 John Vozzy
United States (USA)
 Phillip Tremelling
Australia (AUS)
Men's team  France
Gerard Douis
Thomas Randall
Oliver Careau
 United States
Gary Broadhead
John Vozzy
Tom Crowe
Phillip Tremelling
Michael Harkess
Clint Freeman
Women's individual  Angela Moscarelli
United States (USA)
 Petra Ericsson
Sweden (SWE)
 Inga Low
United States (USA)
Women's team  United States
Angela Moscarelli
Inga Low
Michelle Ragsdale
Helena Nelson
Petra Ericsson
Ulrika Sjoewall
Anna Campagnoli
Fabiola Palazzini
Carmen Ceriotti

Medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States 3 2 2 7
2  South Korea 3 - 2 5
3  France 1 - - 1
 Moldova 1 - - 1
5  Sweden - 2 - 2
6  Italy - 1 1 2
7  Germany - 1 - 1
 Chinese Taipei - 1 - 1
 Turkey - 1 - 1
10  Australia - - 2 2
11  Indonesia - - 1 1


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