1996 NFL Draft

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1996 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s) April 20–21, 1996
Location Madison Square Garden, New York City
First selection Keyshawn Johnson, WR
New York Jets
Mr. Irrelevant Sam Manuel, LB
San Francisco 49ers
Most selections New England Patriots (13)
Fewest selections Detroit Lions (5)
Overall selections 254
NFL Draft
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The 1996 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 20–21, 1996. No teams elected to claim any players in the supplemental draft that year.

This draft is considered one of the best draft classes ever for the position of wide receiver. Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, Eddie Kennison, Marvin Harrison, Eric Moulds, Bobby Engram, Terrell Owens, Muhsin Muhammad, Amani Toomer, Jermaine Lewis, and Joe Horn have all achieved success in the pros, with all except Kennison, Engram, and Toomer having reached the Pro Bowl at least once, and a total of 26 Pro Bowl appearances for the group. In addition to the class having had several successful receivers, none of the five wide receivers drafted in the first round have been busts, as all of them spent at least a reasonable amount of time as starters in the NFL. Combined, 1996 wide receivers (through the end of the 2006 season) have totalled 7,646 receptions for 105,866 yards, eclipsing any other class by more than 1,000 receptions and 10,000 yards.[1]

As of 2014, it was the last draft without a quarterback selected in the first round. Previously, the 1988 NFL Draft had been the last with no quarterback selected in the first round.[2]

It was also one of the best draft years for middle linebackers, with two potential hall of famers in Ray Lewis and Zach Thomas selected. Lewis won Super Bowl XXXV and was selected MVP of that game. Lewis also won Super Bowl XLVII in the final game of his career, and made 13 career Pro Bowls while Thomas has made 7. Other linebackers who made at least one Pro Bowl from this draft are Tedy Bruschi, Kevin Hardy, Simeon Rice, John Mobley, and Donnie Edwards. Randall Godfrey, Earl Holmes, and Carlos Emmons also had solid careers in the league.

On draft day, the St. Louis Rams traded running back Jerome Bettis and a third round draft pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for a second round pick for that year, as well as a fourth round pick the following year. The trade was made immediately after the Rams drafted Nebraska running back Lawrence Phillips. Bettis went on to have a successful career with the Steelers as well as being one of the team's most popular players, while the Rams wouldn't have another feature back until they traded for Marshall Faulk three years later due to Phillips' off-field problems.

Player selections[edit]

* = compensatory selection
^ = supplemental compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[N 1]
= Hall of Famer[3]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard HB Halfback K Placekicker KR Kick returner
LB Linebacker LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman
NT Nose tackle P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback
RB Running back S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback
TE Tight end WR Wide receiver        
Rnd. Pick # NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 New York Jets Johnson, KeyshawnKeyshawn Johnson  WR USC Pac-10
1 2 Jacksonville Jaguars Hardy, KevinKevin Hardy  LB Illinois Big Ten
1 3 Arizona Cardinals Rice, SimeonSimeon Rice  DE Illinois Big Ten
1 4 Baltimore Ravens Ogden, JonathanJonathan Ogdendouble-dagger OT UCLA Pac-10
1 5 New York Giants Jones, CedricCedric Jones  DE Oklahoma Big 8
1 6 St. Louis Rams Phillips, LawrenceLawrence Phillips  RB Nebraska Big 8
1 7 New England Patriots Glenn, TerryTerry Glenn  WR Ohio State Big Ten
1 8 Carolina Panthers Biakabutuka, TimTim Biakabutuka  RB Michigan Big Ten
1 9 Oakland Raiders Dudley, RickeyRickey Dudley  TE Ohio State Big Ten
1 10 Cincinnati Bengals Anderson, WillieWillie Anderson  OT Auburn SEC
1 11 New Orleans Saints Molden, AlexAlex Molden  CB Oregon Pac-10
1 12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Upshaw, ReganRegan Upshaw  DE California Pac-10
1 13 Chicago Bears Harris, WaltWalt Harris  CB Mississippi State SEC
1 14 Houston Oilers George, EddieEddie George  RB Ohio State Big Ten Heisman Winner
1 15 Denver Broncos Mobley, JohnJohn Mobley  LB Kutztown N/A
1 16 Minnesota Vikings Clemons, DuaneDuane Clemons  DE California Pac-10
1 17 Detroit Lions Brown, ReggieReggie Brown  LB Texas A&M SWC
1 18 St. Louis Rams Kennison, EddieEddie Kennison  WR LSU SEC
1 19 Indianapolis Colts Harrison, MarvinMarvin Harrison  WR Syracuse Big East
1 20 Miami Dolphins Gardener, DarylDaryl Gardener  DT Baylor SWC
1 21 Seattle Seahawks Kendall, PetePete Kendall  OT Boston College Big East
1 22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jones, MarcusMarcus Jones  DE UNC ACC
1 23 Detroit Lions Hartings, JeffJeff Hartings  G Penn State Big Ten
1 24 Buffalo Bills Moulds, EricEric Moulds  WR Mississippi State SEC
1 25 Philadelphia Eagles Mayberry, JermaneJermane Mayberry  OT Texas A&M-Kingsville N/A
1 26 Baltimore Ravens Lewis, RayRay Lewis  LB Miami Big East
1 27 Green Bay Packers Michels, JohnJohn Michels  OT USC Pac-10
1 28 Kansas City Chiefs Woods, JeromeJerome Woods  FS Memphis Ind.
1 29 Pittsburgh Steelers Stephens, JamainJamain Stephens  OT North Carolina A&T MEAC
1 30 Washington Redskins Johnson, AndreAndre Johnson  OT Penn State Big Ten

2 31 New York Jets Dyke, Alex VanAlex Van Dyke  WR Nevada Big West
2 32 Arizona Cardinals McElroy, LeelandLeeland McElroy  RB Texas A&M SWC
2 33 Jacksonville Jaguars Brackens, TonyTony Brackens  DE Texas SWC
2 34 New York Giants Toomer, AmaniAmani Toomer  WR Michigan Big Ten
2 35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alstott, MikeMike Alstott  FB Purdue Big Ten
2 36 New England Patriots Milloy, LawyerLawyer Milloy  SS Washington Pac-10
2 37 Dallas Cowboys Pittman, KavikaKavika Pittman  DE McNeese State Southland
2 38 Houston Oilers Mix, BryantBryant Mix  DE Alcorn State SWAC
2 39 Cincinnati Bengals Battaglia, MarcoMarco Battaglia  TE Rutgers Big East
2 40 New Orleans Saints Cherry, Je'RodJe'Rod Cherry  SS California Pac-10
2 41 San Diego Chargers Still, BryanBryan Still  WR Virginia Tech Big East
2 42 St. Louis Rams Banks, TonyTony Banks  QB Michigan State Big Ten
2 43 Carolina Panthers Muhammad, MuhsinMuhsin Muhammad  WR Michigan State Big Ten
2 44 Denver Broncos James, ToryTory James  CB LSU SEC
2 45 Minnesota Vikings Manley, JamesJames Manley  DT Vanderbilt SEC
2 46 San Francisco 49ers Ifeanyi, IsraelIsrael Ifeanyi  DE USC Pac-10
2 47 Seattle Seahawks Thomas, FredFred Thomas  CB Tennessee-Martin OVC
2 48 Houston Oilers Layman, JasonJason Layman  OT Tennessee SEC
2 49 Dallas Cowboys Godfrey, RandallRandall Godfrey  LB Georgia SEC
2 50 San Diego Chargers Sapp, PatrickPatrick Sapp  LB Clemson ACC
2 51 Indianapolis Colts Mathis, DedricDedric Mathis  CB Houston SWC
2 52 Chicago Bears Engram, BobbyBobby Engram  WR Penn State Big Ten
2 53 Buffalo Bills Northern, GabeGabe Northern  DE LSU SEC
2 54 Philadelphia Eagles Dunn, JasonJason Dunn  TE Eastern Kentucky OVC
2 55 Baltimore Ravens Jenkins, DeRonDeRon Jenkins  CB Tennessee SEC
2 56 Green Bay Packers Mayes, DerrickDerrick Mayes  WR Notre Dame Ind.
2 57 Oakland Raiders Johnstone, LanceLance Johnstone  DE Temple Big East
2 58 Kansas City Chiefs Tongue, ReggieReggie Tongue  SS Oregon State Pac-10
2 59 St. Louis Rams Conwell, ErnieErnie Conwell  TE Washington Pac-10
2 60 Jacksonville Jaguars Cheever, MichaelMichael Cheever  C Georgia Tech ACC
2* 61 Philadelphia Eagles Dawkins, BrianBrian Dawkins  FS Clemson ACC

3 62 New York Jets Mickens, RayRay Mickens  CB Texas A&M SWC
3 63 Jacksonville Jaguars Beasley, AaronAaron Beasley  CB WVU Big East
3 64 Arizona Cardinals McWilliams, JohnnyJohnny McWilliams  TE USC Pac-10
3 65 Denver Broncos Smith, DetronDetron Smith  RB Texas A&M SWC
3 66 New York Giants Oben, RomanRoman Oben  OT Louisville Ind.
3 67 Dallas Cowboys Shiver, ClayClay Shiver  C FSU ACC
3 68 Kansas City Chiefs Browning, JohnJohn Browning  DT WVU Big East
3 69 Cincinnati Bengals Blackman, KenKen Blackman  G Illinois Big Ten
3 70 New Orleans Saints Smith, BradyBrady Smith  DE Colorado State WAC
3 71 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Abraham, DonnieDonnie Abraham  CB ETSU SoCon
3 72 Pittsburgh Steelers Conley, SteveSteve Conley  LB Arkansas SEC
3 73 Carolina Panthers Oliver, WinslowWinslow Oliver  RB New Mexico WAC
3 74 Houston Oilers Killens, TerryTerry Killens  LB Penn State Big Ten
3 75 Minnesota Vikings Williams, MoeMoe Williams  RB Kentucky SEC
3 76 Detroit Lions Stewart, RyanRyan Stewart  S Georgia Tech ACC
3 77 Seattle Seahawks Barr, RobertRobert Barr  OT Rutgers Big East
3 78 Denver Broncos Campbell, MarkMark Campbell  DT Florida SEC
3 79 Miami Dolphins Brew, DorianDorian Brew  CB Kansas Big Eight
3 80 Miami Dolphins al-Jabbar, Abdul-KarimAbdul-Karim al-Jabbar  RB UCLA Pac-10
3 81 San Diego Chargers Roche, BrianBrian Roche  TE San Jose State Big West
3 82 Indianapolis Colts Slutzker, ScottScott Slutzker  TE Iowa Big Ten
3 83 St. Louis Rams Moore, JeraldJerald Moore  RB Oklahoma Big 8
3 84 Atlanta Falcons Brown, ShannonShannon Brown  DT Alabama SEC
3 85 Philadelphia Eagles Hoying, BobbyBobby Hoying  QB Ohio State Big Ten
3 86 New England Patriots Bruschi, TedyTedy Bruschi  LB Arizona Pac-10
3 87 Buffalo Bills Stevens, MattMatt Stevens  SS Appalachian State SoCon
3 88 Carolina Panthers Price, J.C.J.C. Price  DT Virginia Tech Big East
3 89 San Francisco 49ers Owens, TerrellTerrell Owens  WR Chattanooga SoCon
3 90 Green Bay Packers Flanagan, MikeMike Flanagan  C UCLA Pac-10
3 91 Seattle Seahawks Brown, ReggieReggie Brown  RB Fresno State WAC
3 92 Pittsburgh Steelers Witman, JonJon Witman  FB Penn State Big Ten
3* 93 Green Bay Packers Williams, TyroneTyrone Williams  CB Nebraska Big 8
3* 94 Dallas Cowboys Williams, StepfretStepfret Williams  WR Louisiana Monroe Southland
3* 95 Dallas Cowboys Ulufale, MikeMike Ulufale  DE BYU WAC

4 96 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odom, JasonJason Odom  OT Florida SEC

4 97 Minnesota Vikings Goodwin, HunterHunter Goodwin  G Texas A&M SWC
4 98 Kansas City Chiefs Edwards, DonnieDonnie Edwards  LB UCLA Bruins Pac-10
4 99 Seattle Seahawks Daniels, PhillipPhillip Daniels  DE Georgia SEC
4 100 Denver Broncos Lewis, JeffJeff Lewis  QB Northern Arizona Big Sky
4 101 New England Patriots Irwin, HeathHeath Irwin  G Colorado Big 8
4 102 Washington Redskins Davis, StephenStephen Davis  RB Auburn SEC
4 103 New Orleans Saints Whittle, RickyRicky Whittle  RB Oregon Pac-10
4 104 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Austin, EricEric Austin  S Jackson State SWAC

4 105 St. Louis Rams Gaskins, PercellPercell Gaskins  LB Kansas State Big Eight
4 106 Carolina Panthers Odom, NorbertoNorberto Odom  OT USC Pac-10

4 107 Houston Oilers Burton, KendrickKendrick Burton  DE Alabama SEC
4 108 Cincinnati Bengals Langford, JevonJevon Langford  DE Oklahoma State Big 8
4 109 Houston Oilers Runyan, JonJon Runyan  OT Michigan Big Ten
4 110 Jacksonville Jaguars Barlow, ReggieReggie Barlow  WR Alabama State SWAC
4 111 Carolina Panthers McDaniel, EmmanuelEmmanuel McDaniel  CB ECU Ind.
4 112 Arizona Cardinals Graham, AaronAaron Graham  C Nebraska Big 8
4 113 Miami Dolphins Pointer, KirkKirk Pointer  CB Austin Peay
4 114 San Diego Chargers Jones, CharlieCharlie Jones  WR Fresno State WAC
4 115 Indianapolis Colts Milne, BrianBrian Milne  RB Penn State Big Ten
4 116 Chicago Bears Grasmanis, PaulPaul Grasmanis  DT Notre Dame Ind.
4 117 Atlanta Falcons Huntley, RichardRichard Huntley  RB Winston-Salem State CIAA
4 118 Miami Dolphins Pritchett, StanleyStanley Pritchett  RB South Carolina SEC
4 119 New England Patriots Sullivan, ChrisChris Sullivan  DT Boston College Big East
4 120 Buffalo Bills Moran, SeanSean Moran  DE Colorado State WAC
4 121 Philadelphia Eagles Farmer, RayRay Farmer  LB Duke ACC
4 122 Denver Broncos Johnson, DariusDarius Johnson  CB Oklahoma Big 8
4 123 Green Bay Packers Darkins, ChrisChris Darkins  RB Minnesota Big Ten
4 124 New England Patriots Barber, KantroyKantroy Barber  RB WVU Big East
4 125 Miami Dolphins Jones, LaCurtisLaCurtis Jones  LB Baylor SWC
4 126 Pittsburgh Steelers Holmes, EarlEarl Holmes  LB Florida A&M MEAC
4 127 Atlanta Falcons Bolden, JuranJuran Bolden  CB Mississippi Delta N/A
4* 128 San Francisco 49ers Price, DarylDaryl Price  LB Colorado Big 8
4* 129 Detroit Lions Ford, BradBrad Ford  DB Alabama SEC
4* 130 New York Giants Kanell, DannyDanny Kanell  QB Florida State ACC
4* 131 Seattle Seahawks Unverzagt, EricEric Unverzagt  LB Wisconsin Big Ten
4* 132 Pittsburgh Steelers Arnold, JahineJahine Arnold  WR Fresno State WAC

5 133 New York Jets Coleman, MarcusMarcus Coleman  CB Texas Tech SWC
5 134 Miami Dolphins McPhail, JerrisJerris McPhail  RB East Carolina Ind.
5 135 Kansas City Chiefs Horn, JoeJoe Horn  WR Itawamba N/A
5 136 New Orleans Saints Hayes, MercuryMercury Hayes  WR Michigan Big Ten
5 137 Arizona Cardinals Dexter, JamesJames Dexter  OT South Carolina SEC
5 138 Washington Redskins Evans, LeomontLeomont Evans  S Clemson ACC
5 139 New England Patriots Elmore, JohnJohn Elmore  G Texas SWC
5 140 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Maniecki, JasonJason Maniecki  DT Wisconsin Big Ten
5 141 St. Louis Rams Miller, FredFred Miller  OT Baylor SWC
5 142 Carolina Panthers Smith, MarquetteMarquette Smith  RB UCF Ind.
5 143 Houston Oilers Stewart, RaynaRayna Stewart  S Northern Arizona Big Sky
5 144 Cincinnati Bengals Myers, GregGreg Myers  S Colorado State WAC
5 145 New Orleans Saints Ackerman, TomTom Ackerman  G Eastern Washington Big Sky
5 146 Jacksonville Jaguars Herndon, JimmyJimmy Herndon  G Houston SWC
5 147 Philadelphia Eagles Marshall, WhitWhit Marshall  LB Georgia SEC
5 148 Minnesota Vikings Boyd, SeanSean Boyd  DB North Carolina ACC

149 New England Patriots Christian Peter Defensive tackle Nebraska
150 Miami Dolphins Shane Burton Defensive tackle Tennessee
151 Indianapolis Colts Steve Martin Defensive tackle Missouri
152 Chicago Bears Chris Villarrial Guard Indiana (PA)
153 Baltimore Ravens Jermaine Lewis Wide receiver Maryland
154 Miami Dolphins Zach Thomas Linebacker Texas Tech
155 San Diego Chargers Junior Soli Defensive tackle Arkansas
156 Buffalo Bills Ray Jackson Defensive back Colorado State
157 Dallas Cowboys Kenneth McDaniel Guard Norfolk State
158 Detroit Lions Kerwin Waldroup Defensive tackle Central State (OH)
159 Denver Broncos Patrick Jeffers Wide receiver Virginia
160 San Francisco 49ers Iheanyi Uwaezuoke Wide receiver California
161 Arizona Cardinals Harry Stamps Tackle Oklahoma
162 Arizona Cardinals Dell McGee Defensive back Auburn
163 Pittsburgh Steelers Israel Raybon Defensive end North Alabama
164 Atlanta Falcons Gary Bandy Linebacker Baylor
165 New Orleans Saints Terry Guess Wide receiver Gardner-Webb
166 Oakland Raiders La'Roi Glover Defensive tackle San Diego State
167 Dallas Cowboys Alan Campos Linebacker Louisville

Round six[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
168 New York Jets Hugh Hunter Defensive end Hampton
169 Arizona Cardinals Mike Foley Defensive end New Hampshire
170 Jacksonville Jaguars John Fisher Defensive back Missouri Western
171 New York Giants Doug Colman Linebacker Nebraska
172 Baltimore Ravens Dexter Daniels Linebacker Florida
173 New England Patriots Chris Griffin Tight end New Mexico
174 Washington Redskins Kelvin Kinney Defensive end Virginia State
175 St. Louis Rams Derrick Harris Running back Miami (FL)
176 Kansas City Chiefs Dietrich Jells Wide receiver Pittsburgh
177 Houston Oilers Anthony Dorsett Safety Pittsburgh
178 Cincinnati Bengals Tom Tumulty Linebacker Pittsburgh
179 New Orleans Saints Keno Hills Tackle Southwestern Louisiana
180 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nilo Silvan Wide receiver Tennessee
181 Denver Broncos Tony Veland Safety Nebraska
182 New York Giants Scott Galyon Linebacker Tennessee
183 Oakland Raiders Tim Hall Running back Robert Morris
184 Seattle Seahawks Reggie Green Guard Florida
185 Jacksonville Jaguars Chris Doering Wide receiver Florida
186 Baltimore Ravens James Roe Wide receiver Norfolk State
187 Chicago Bears Jon Clark Tackle Temple
188 Atlanta Falcons Craig Sauer Linebacker Minnesota
189 Miami Dolphins Shawn Wooden Safety Notre Dame
190 San Diego Chargers Jim Mills Tackle Idaho
191 Indianapolis Colts Keith Conlin Tackle Penn State
192 San Diego Chargers Bryan Stoltenberg Center Colorado
193 Carolina Panthers Scott Greene Running back Michigan State
194 Philadelphia Eagles Steve White Defensive end Tennessee
195 New England Patriots Marrio Grier Running back Tennessee-Chattanooga
196 Buffalo Bills Leon Neal Running back Washington
197 Philadelphia Eagles Tony Johnson Tight end Alabama
198 San Francisco 49ers Stephen Pitts Running back Penn State
199 Kansas City Chiefs Philip Riley Wide receiver Florida State
200 Pittsburgh Steelers Orpheus Roye Defensive end Florida State
201 St. Louis Rams Hayward Clay Tight end Texas A&M
202 Buffalo Bills Dusty Zeigler Center Notre Dame
203 Pittsburgh Steelers Spence Fischer Quarterback Duke
204 New Orleans Saints Toderick Malone Wide receiver Alabama
205 Indianapolis Colts Mike Cawley Quarterback James Madison
206 New England Patriots Devin Wyman Defensive end Kentucky State
207 Dallas Cowboys Wendell Davis Defensive back Oklahoma
208 Green Bay Packers Marco Rivera Guard Penn State
209 Seattle Seahawks T. J. Cunningham Safety Colorado

Round seven[edit]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
210 New York Jets Chris Hayes Safety Washington State
211 Kansas City Chiefs Ben Lynch Center California
212 Arizona Cardinals Jarius Hayes Tight end North Alabama
213 Denver Broncos Leslie Ratliffe Tackle Tennessee
214 New York Giants Conrad Hamilton Defensive back East New Mexico
215 Washington Redskins Jeremy Asher Linebacker Oregon
216 New England Patriots Lovett Purnell Tight end West Virginia
217 Carolina Panthers Donnell Baker Wide receiver Southern
218 Houston Oilers Mike Archie Running back Penn State
219 Cincinnati Bengals Rod Jones Tackle Kansas
220 Oakland Raiders Sedric Clark Defensive end Tulsa
221 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reggie Rusk Defensive back Kentucky
222 St. Louis Rams Chuck Osborne Defensive tackle Arizona
223 Minnesota Vikings Jon Merrill Tackle Duke
224 Oakland Raiders Darius Smith Center Sam Houston State
225 Seattle Seahawks Johnie Church Defensive end Florida
226 Denver Broncos Chris Banks Guard Kansas
227 Jacksonville Jaguars Clarence Jones Wide receiver Tennessee State
228 Jacksonville Jaguars Gregory Spann Wide receiver Jackson State
229 Atlanta Falcons Ethan Brooks Defensive end Williams
230 Miami Dolphins Jeff Buckey Guard Stanford
231 San Diego Chargers Freddie Bradley Running back Sonoma State
232 Indianapolis Colts Adrian Robinson Defensive back Baylor
233 Chicago Bears Marcus Keyes Defensive tackle North Alabama
234 Carolina Panthers Kerry Hicks Defensive tackle Colorado
235 Denver Broncos L. T. Levine Running back Kansas
236 Denver Broncos Brian Gragert Punter Wyoming
237 Buffalo Bills Dan Bradenburg Defensive end Indiana State
238 Baltimore Ravens Jon Stark Quarterback Trinity
239 San Francisco 49ers Sean Manuel Tight end New Mexico State
240 Green Bay Packers Kyle Wachholtz Quarterback USC
241 Kansas City Chiefs Jeff Smith Center Tennessee
242 Pittsburgh Steelers Carlos Emmons Linebacker Arkansas State
243 Dallas Cowboys Ryan Wood Running back Arizona State
244 Buffalo Bills Jay Riemersma Tight end Michigan
245 Kansas City Chiefs Darrell Williams Defensive back Tennessee State
246 New Orleans Saints Henry Lusk Tight end Utah
247 New England Patriots J. R. Conrad Tackle Oklahoma
248 Oakland Raiders Joey Wylie Guard Stephen F. Austin
249 Buffalo Bills Eric Smedley Defensive back Indiana
250 Washington Redskins DeAndre Maxwell Wide receiver San Diego State
251 Miami Dolphins Brice Hunter Wide receiver Georgia
252 Green Bay Packers Keith McKenzie Linebacker Ball State
253 Chicago Bears Michael Hicks Running back South Carolina State
254[4] San Francisco 49ers Sam Manuel Linebacker New Mexico State
= Pro Bowler[5]

Notable undrafted players[edit]

NFL Team Player Position College
Cincinnati Bengals Scott Brumfield Offensive guard Brigham Young University
Cincinnati Bengals Nick Ferguson Safety Georgia Tech
Cincinnati Bengals Damon Huard Quarterback University of Washington
Cincinnati Bengals Tim Morabito Defensive tackle Boston College
Dallas Cowboys Tony Hutson Offensive guard Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Detroit Lions Barry Stokes Offensive guard Eastern Michigan University
Green Bay Packers Joe Nedney Kicker San Jose State
Indianapolis Colts Casey Wiegmann Center University of Iowa
Miami Dolphins O. J. Brigance Linebacker Rice University
Miami Dolphins Larry Izzo Linebacker Rice University
New England Patriots Ray Lucas Quarterback Rutgers
New England Patriots Adam Vinatieri Kicker South Dakota State
New York Giants Percy Ellsworth Safety University of Virginia
New York Giants Olindo Mare Kicker Syracuse University
New Orleans Saints Don Davis Linebacker University of Kansas
Philadelphia Eagles Hollis Thomas Defensive Tackle Northern Illinois
Saint Louis Rams Josh Miller Punter University of Arizona
Seattle Seahawks Marquis Walker Cornerback Southeast Missouri State University
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jorge Diaz Offensive tackle Texas A&M University–Kingsville
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jeff Gooch Linebacker Austin Peay State University
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Karl Williams Wide Receiver Texas A&M University–Kingsville

Hall of Famers[edit]

  • Jonathan Ogden, Offensive Tackle from UCLA, taken 1st round 4th overall by the Baltimore Ravens.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013.


  1. ^ Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro Bowl at any time in their career.


  1. ^ Football Prospectus 2007, p. 461
  2. ^ The first quarterback in the 1988 draft wasn't selected until the third round.
  3. ^ Players are identified as a Hall of Famer if they have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  4. ^ This last selection is commonly referred to as Mr. Irrelevant.
  5. ^ Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro-Bowl at any time in their career.

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