1997 Race of Champions

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1997 Race of Champions
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The 1997 Race of Champions took place on December 7 at Gran Canaria. It was the 10th running of the event, and the 6th running at Gran Canaria. Carlos Sainz defeated sometime Subaru WRC teammate Colin McRae to become Champion of Champions.


Driver Reason for Qualification
United Kingdom Colin McRae World Rally champion in 1995
France Didier Auriol World Rally champion in 1994
Spain Carlos Sainz World Rally champion in 1990 and 1992
Finland Jarmo Kytolehto Winner in the International Masters
Germany Armin Schwarz Finalist in the International Masters
Uruguay Gustavo Trelles 3rd in the International Masters
Germany Walter Rohrl Winner in the Legends Race
Sweden Stig Blomqvist Finalist in the Legends Race

Race of Champions[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 United Kingdom McRae  1
 Uruguay Trelles  0  
 United Kingdom McRae  2
     Finland Kytolehto  0  
 Finland Kytolehto  1
 Germany Rohrl  0  
 United Kingdom McRae  0
   Spain Sainz  2
 Germany Schwarz  0
 France Auriol  1  
 France Auriol  1

     Spain Sainz  2  
 Spain Sainz  1
 Sweden Blomqvist  0  

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