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The 1998 Webby Awards were held on March 6, 1998 at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts,[1] and were the first event ever to be broadcast live via the Web in 3D.[2] The "People's Voice" awards, chosen by online poll, received 100,000 cumulative votes that year.

The Web magazine, which was hosting the awards, was closed down by its parent company IDG shortly before the awards, and the ceremony continued thereafter under the management of Tiffany Shlain, who IDG had hired in 1996 to coordinate the awards.[3] The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences was constituted that year as the judging panel for the awards, continues to do so as of the 2007 awards.

Nominees and winners[edit]

(from http://www.webbyawards.com/webbys/winners-1998)
Category Winner Other nominees

Net Art

Entropy8 - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1997))

Ada's web - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998))
Atlas - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998))
RGB Gallery - www.hotwired.com/rgb (now defunct)
sfgallery - www.sfstation.com/sfgallery (now redirects to sfstation.com)


The WELL - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1999))

bianca.com - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998))
The Palace - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998))
Tripod - www.tripod.com
WBS - wbs.net at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998) (archive version; site is now defunct)


StarChild - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998))

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1999))
Learn2.com - www.learn2.com at the Wayback Machine (archive version; site now redirects to www.tutorials.com/fd/tutorials.asp)
The Home Education Page - www.teelfamily.com/education at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1999) (archive version; site is now defunct)
The Smithsonian - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived March 8, 1998))


The Internet Movie Database - www.imdb.com

E! Online - www.eonline.com
Film.com - www.film.com
Mr. Showbiz - www.mrshowbiz.com (now redirects to movies.go.com/)
Rough Cut - www.roughcut.com (now redirects to www.tnt.tv/)


BeZerk - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived February 10, 1998))

GAMECENTER.COM - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived February 13, 1998))
GameSpot - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived February 13, 1998))
Imagine Games - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived July 11, 1997))
PlaySite - (current archive at the Wayback Machine (archived January 16, 1998))


Mayo Clinic Health O@sis - www.mayohealth.org

Ask Dr. Weil - www.drweil.com
Reuters Health Information Services - www.reutershealth.com
The Body: A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Resource - www.thebody.com
thriveonline.com - www.thriveonline.com (now redirects to www.oxygen.com/pregnancycalendar/)


BabyCenter - www.babycenter.com

Better Homes & Gardens Online - www.bhglive.com
Disney's Daily Blast - www.disneyblast.com (now redirects to disney.go.com/gamekingdom/v1/marketing/index.html)
Family.com - www.family.com (now redirects to family.go.com/)
Virtual Garden - www.vg.com (now redirects to www.gardeners.com)


gURL - www.gurl.com

PlanetOut - www.planetout.com
SWOON - www.swoon.com (now redirects to www.glamour.com/swoon)
Virtual Jerusalem - www.virtual.co.il (now defunct)
Wedding Channel - www.weddingchannel.com


The Vanguard Group - www.vanguard.com

International Real Estate Digest - www.ired.com
Nolo press Self-Help Law Center - www.nolo.com
The Financial Aid Information Page - www.finaid.org
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - www.sec.gov


Experience Music Project - www.experience.org (now redirects to www.empsfm.org)

Addicted to Noise - www.addict.com (is now a registration-only or password-protected site)
MTV Online - www.mtv.com
TheDJ AOL Radio - www.thedj.com (now defunct)
Tunes.com - www.tunes.com


NEWS.COM - www.news.com

ABCNEWS.com - www.abcnews.com
MSNBC - www.msnbc.com
The New York Times on the Web - www.nytimes.com
Wired News - www.wired.com/news (now defunct)


CNN/TIME All Politics - www.allpolitics.com (now redirects to www.cnn.com/POLITICS/)

Annoy.com - www.annoy.com
Law Journal EXTRA! - www.ljx.com (now defunct)
The Black World Today - www.tbwt.com (now defunct)
The Smoking Gun - www.thesmokinggun.com


Salon Magazine - www.salonmag.com

alt.culture - www.altculture.com (is now a registration-only or password-protected site)
Literary Kicks - www.charm.net/~brooklyn/LitKicks.html (now defunct)
Merriam-Webster - www.m-w.com
The Libyrinth - www.rpg.net/quail/libyrinth (now redirects to www.greatquail.com/libyrinth)


AudioNet - www.audionet.com

Antique Radios Online - www.antiqueradios.com
DigiBand Radio - www.digiband.com (now defunct)
The Art Bell Web Site - www.artbell.com (now defunct)
Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Repository - www.reelradio.com


Exploratorium: ExploraNet - www.exploratorium.edu

IBM Patent Server - patent.womplex.ibm.com (now defunct)
Mars Pathfinder Mission - mpfwww.jpl.nasa.gov/default1.html (now defunct)
Paleontology Without Walls - www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/exhibit/exhibits.html
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Lonely Planet on-line - www.lonelyplanet.com
Preview Travel - www.previewtravel.com (now redirects to www.travelocity.com)
Salon|Wanderlust - www.salonmag.com/wanderlust (now defunct)
Travelocity - www.travelocity.com


PBS Online - www.pbs.org

GIST TV Listings Guide - www.thegist.com (now defunct)
NBC.com - www.nbc.com
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion - www.scifi.com
TV Guide Entertainment Network - www.tvguide.com


Bert is Evil - fractalcow.com/bert/bert.htm at the Wayback Machine (archived April 18, 1998) (archive version; site is now defunct)

BLAIR - www.blairmag.com
Museum of Dirt - www.planet.com/dirtweb/dirt.html (now defunct)
The Crash Site -- www.crashsite.com (now defunct)
The Onion - www.theonion.com

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Winners and nominees are generally named according to the organization or website winning the award, although the recipient is, technically, the web design firm or internal department that created the winning site and in the case of corporate websites, the designer's client. Web links are provided for informational purposes, both in the most recently available archive.org version before the awards ceremony and, where available, the current website. Many older websites no longer exist, are redirected, or have been substantially redesigned.