1999 PDC World Darts Championship

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Skol World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Dates 28 December 1998 –
3 January 1999
Venue Circus Tavern
Location Purfleet, Essex
Country England, United Kingdom
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Sets
Final – best of 11
Prize fund £104,000
Winners share £30,000
England Phil Taylor
«1998 2000»

The 1999 Skol World Darts Championship was held between 28 December 1998 and 3 January 1999 at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet, Essex. After five years, organisers the Professional Darts Corporation scrapped the group stages and the tournament became a straight knock-out for the first time. The third-place play-off which had been a feature for the previous two years was also abandoned. The field was expanded from 24 to 32 players - the biggest influx of players since the PDC separated from the British Darts Organisation in 1992/93.

Phil Taylor emerged as champion for the fifth successive year, taking his overall tally to seven World Championships. He had now eclipsed both Eric Bristow, who won five World Darts titles and Steve Davis and (at the time) Stephen Hendry six times World Snooker champions - both targets of Taylor when he began accumulating world championships.



Prize Money[edit]

The 1999 World Championship featured a prize fund of £104,000. The prize money was allocated as follows:[2]

Position (num. of players) Prize money
Winner (1) £30,000
Runner-up (1) £16,000
Semi-finalist (2) £6,000
Quarter-finalist (4) £3,000
Second round losers (8) £1,750
First round losers (16) £1,250


First round Second round Quarter-finals Semi-finals
Best of 5 sets Best of 5 sets Best of 7 sets Best of 9 sets
 England Rod Harrington  3
 England Alex Roy  0  
 England Rod Harrington  1
   England Shayne Burgess  3  
 England Shayne Burgess  3
 Canada Steve Cummings  0  
 England Shayne Burgess  4
   England Cliff Lazarenko  1  
 England Cliff Lazarenko  3
 United States Dean Allsop  0  
 England Cliff Lazarenko  3
   United States Steve Brown  0  
 England Kevin Spiolek  0
 United States Steve Brown  3  
 England Shayne Burgess  4
   England Peter Manley  5
 England Peter Evison  0
 England Dennis Smith  3  
 England Dennis Smith  3
   England Mick Manning  1  
 England Mick Manning  3
 United States Dan Lauby  1  
 England Dennis Smith  0
   England Peter Manley  4  
 England Graeme Stoddart  3
 England Steve Raw  1  
 England Graeme Stoddart  0
   England Peter Manley  3  
 England Eric Bristow  0
 England Peter Manley  3  
 England Phil Taylor  3
 England Reg Harding  0  
 England Phil Taylor  3
   England John Lowe  1  
 England John Lowe  3
 Singapore Paul Lim  0  
 England Phil Taylor  4
   England Bob Anderson  0  
 England Bob Anderson  3
 England Keith Deller  2  
 England Bob Anderson  3
   Scotland Jamie Harvey  1  
 United States Gerald Verrier  1
 Scotland Jamie Harvey  3  
 England Phil Taylor  5
   England Alan Warriner  3

 England Dennis Priestley  0
 England John Ferrell  3  
 England John Ferrell  3
   Canada Gary Mawson  2  
 England Richie Gardner  0
 Canada Gary Mawson  3  
 England John Ferrell  1
   England Alan Warriner  4

 England Harry Robinson  3
 United States Sean Downs  2  
 England Harry Robinson  2
   England Alan Warriner  3

 Canada John Part  0
 England Alan Warriner  3

Final (Best of 11 sets) Sunday January 3rd
(93.63) Peter Manley England 2-6 England Phil Taylor (97.11)
Highest Checkout: Graeme Stoddart/Gary Mawson 167 Highest Checkout:
England Phil Taylor wins the 1999 PDC World Darts Championship


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