1999 Race of Champions

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1999 Race of Champions
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The 1999 Race of Champions took place on December 5 at Gran Canaria. It was the 12th running of the event, and the 8th running at Gran Canaria. It was the first year for the new Nations' Cup Competition, and thus the first time that non-rally drivers were invited.

The Vehicles used were the Peugeot 306 Maxi, The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V WRC, the Toyota Corolla WRC and the ROC Buggy.

The individual competition was won by Didier Auriol for a 4th time, whilst the inaugural Nations' Cup was won by Finland with JJ Lehto, Tommi Makinen and Kari Tiainen.


Race of Champions[edit]

Driver Reason for Qualification
Finland Tommi Makinen World Rally champion in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999
France Didier Auriol World Rally champion in 1994
Spain Carlos Sainz World Rally champion in 1990 and 1992
Germany Armin Schwarz Winner in the International Masters
Finland Marcus Grönholm Finalist in the International Masters
France Gilles Panizzi Beat Alister McRae in a play-off
Sweden Stig Blomqvist Winner in the Legends Race
Sweden Björn Waldegård Finalist in the Legends Race

Nations Cup[edit]

Country Racing Driver Rally Driver Motorcycle Racer
France France Yannick Dalmas France Didier Auriol France David Vuillemin
Finland Finland JJ Lehto Finland Tommi Makinen Finland Kari Tiainen
Spain Spain Marc Gene Spain Carlos Sainz Spain Pere Riba
Italy Italy Emanuele Pirro Italy Miki Biasion Italy Luca Cadalora
Germany Germany Christian Abt Germany Armin Schwarz Germany Ralf Waldmann
All-Stars Finland Harri Toivonen United Kingdom Alister McRae Belgium Joel Smets

Legends Race[edit]

Semi-finals Final
 Sweden Waldegård 2  
 Italy Biasion 1  

     Sweden Waldegård ?

   Sweden Blomqvist ?

 Sweden Blomqvist 2
 Finland Salonen 0  

International Masters[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 United Kingdom McRae  1'55.12
 Spain Alonso  1'56.10  
 United Kingdom McRae  1'58.08
     Finland Grönholm  1'56.58  
 France Delecour  2'00.71
 Finland Grönholm  1'57.54  
 Finland Grönholm  1'58.30
   Germany Schwarz  1'56.83
 France Panizzi  1'56.23
 Uruguay Trelles  1'58.09  
 France Panizzi  1'58.01

     Germany Schwarz  1'57.30  
 Germany Schwarz  1'54.56
 Spain Monzon  1'58.55  

Race of Champions[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Finland Makinen  1'49.31
 Sweden Waldegard  1'52.40  
 Finland Makinen  1'48.68
     Spain Sainz  1'48.72  
 Spain Sainz  1'48.24
 Finland Grönholm  1'48.59  
 Finland Makinen  1'47.89
   France Auriol  1'47.49
 France Panizzi  1'49.32
 Germany Schwarz  1'49.08  
 Germany Schwarz  1'48.13

     France Auriol  1'48.03  
 Sweden Blomqvist  1'49.51
 France Auriol  1'49.89  

Nations' Cup[edit]

  • Germany & Italy eliminated in the First Round.
Semi-finals Final
 Spain Spain 5  
 France France 4  

     Spain Spain 4

   Finland Finland 5

 Finland Finland 5
 United Nations All-Stars 0  


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