1999 TR11

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1999 TR11
Discovered by Scott Sheppard
Discovery date October 9, 1999
MPC designation 1999 TR11
Minor planet category plutino (TNO)
Orbital characteristics
Epoch September 30, 2012 (JD 2456200.5)
Aphelion 49.647 AU
Perihelion 29.775 AU
Semi-major axis 39.711 AU
Eccentricity 0.250
Mean anomaly 324.6°
Inclination 17.1°
Longitude of ascending node 54.7°
Argument of perihelion 347.8°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 92 km
Albedo 0.09 (assumed)
Absolute magnitude (H) 8.4

1999 TR11, also written as 1999 TR11, is a plutino (a trans-Neptunian object in 2:3 mean motion resonance with Neptune).[1][2] It was discovered on October 9, 1999 by Scott Sheppard observing from Mauna Kea with the 2.2 University of Hawaii reflector.[3] It has a perihelion at 29.775 AU and an aphelion at 49.647 AU, so it moves in a relatively eccentric orbit (0.25) and it crosses the orbit of Neptune the same as Pluto.[4]


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