19th Congress of the Civic Democratic Party

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19th Congress of the Civic Democratic Party was an annual meeting of the delegates of the Civic Democratic Party which took place in Prague from 5 December 2008 to 7 December 2008.


Congress of the Civic Democratic Party takes place every year. A new chairman and a new presidium of the party are elected every two years. The party lost its governorships in every region in the 2008 regional elections. Mirek Topolanek, the Prime Miister and the chairman of the party, was challenged by the Mayor of Prague and the 1st Vice Chairman of the party, Pavel Bém.


The election of new chairman took place on 7 December 2008. There were 492 delegates. 6 votes were invalid. Mirek Topolanek was elected in the first round.[1]

Name Portrait Votes Political party
Mirek Topolánek 284 ODS
Pavel Bém Pavel Bem.jpg 162 ODS

Vice chairmanships[edit]

1st Vice chairman[edit]

There were 4 candidates in the first round for the position. Petr Bendl, Ivan Langer, Evžen Tošenovský and David Vodrážka. There were 492 delegates, 2 votes were invalid.

Name Votes Political party
Petr Bendl 83 ODS
Evžen Tošenovský 101 ODS
Ivan Langer 134 ODS
David Vodrážka 170 ODS

The two candidates with the most points got on the second round. There were 492 delegates and 3 votes were invalid.

Name Votes Political party
Ivan Langer 226 ODS
David Vodrážka 227 ODS

Nobody got the majority of the votes so no one was elected. After a conversation with Prime Minister and the chairman of the party, Mirek Topolánek, Ivan Langer withdrew his candidacy.

In the third round, David Vodrážka was the only candidate and was elected by the majority of the votes.[2]

Name Votes Political party
David Vodrážka 333 ODS

Vice chairmans[edit]

Ivan Langer, Petr Gandalovič, Petr Nečas and Petr Bendl were elected vice chairmans of the Civic Democratic Party.[3]


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