19th World Scout Jamboree

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19th World Scout Jamboree
19th World Scout Jamboree.png
Location Picarquín
Country Chile
Date 1998-12-27 to 1999-01-06
Attendance 30,000 Scouts (est)
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The 19th World Jamboree in Chile, the first ever in South America, took place at a 7,400-acre (30 km2) site in the foothills of the Andes, some 38 miles (61 km) south of the capital city of Santiago. For 11 days, from 27 December 1998, to 6 January 1999, approximately 31,000 Scouts and leaders from nearly every Scouting association in the world assembled for this 4-yearly event.


The jamboree theme of "Building Peace Together" was evident everywhere. The program included full days of patrol activities. These included:

  • The Global Development Village, with exhibits and workshops devoted to science and technology, cultural and artistic expression, environmental issues, and intercultural peace and understanding.
  • A tournament trail of physical challenges and typical games from all across the Americas.
  • A day of community service in nearby villages.
  • An overnight hike through the site's 5,700 acres (23 km2) of rugged and desert-like countryside.
  • Day visits to area farms, fruit-packing factories, and mining works — ending with a country barbecue and folklore activity in Rancagua, the region's capital city.