1 E+50 m³

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The Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) at left with about 520 cubic light years (4.4×1050 m³) dwarfs the Dumbbell Nebula's 12 cubic light years (1×1049 m³). (very approximate figures)

To help compare the orders of magnitude of different volumes, here is a list of volumes between 1050 m3 and 1060 m³. Objects such as a planetary nebula up to a dwarf galaxy typically have volumes in this range. See also volumes or capacities of other orders of magnitude.

1 E50 to 1E53 m³[edit]

1 E53 to 1 E56 m³[edit]

The globular cluster Messier 5 at upper left with about 2 million cubic light years (1.7×1054 m³) dwarfs the much smaller Bubble Nebula at lower right.
  • 3×1055 m³ = estimated volume of a small dwarf galaxy like NGC 1705
  • 3.3×1055 m³ = estimated volume of the Local Bubble, assuming a radius of 100 parsecs

1 E56 to 1 E59 m³[edit]

1 E59 m³ and larger[edit]


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