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1stPayPOS Point of Sale App
1stPayPOS Point of Sale App
Developer(s) 1stPayGateway
Stable release 2.3.4 / 9/29/2014
Development status Active
Operating system iOS 7 & iOS 8
Platform iPad & iPad Mini
Type Retail POS Systems, Cloud Computing, Point of Sale, Payment Processing, Cash Register, Business Software
Website www.1stpaypos.com

1stPayPOS is a cloud-based iPad Point of Sale and cash register system. 1stPayPOS is a product of 1stPayGateway and is primarily resold by ISOs & Agents. The iPad POS system is used by merchants to ring up sales, open a cash drawer and accept, process and account for cash, gift & credit card payments. It allows receipts to be sent via text & email or printed. An Enhanced Receipt feature allows merchants to print barcode discounts, company logos, and styled text on receipts.[1] When used in a restaurant setting, the product allows orders to be sent to multiple kitchen and/or bar printers. A merchant portal provides sales data for merchants with analytics & reporting information about their products.[2] 1stPayPOS has an offline processing mode which allows merchants to capture card data In the event of a poor internet connection. The offline transactions can be authorized when their internet connection is strong again.

Business owners may configure employee password permissions to control the type of transactions processed such as Refunds, Activating gift cards and opening the cash drawer without a sale. 1stPayPOS also functions as an employee Time Clock, allowing owners to manage and edit employee hours. Cash management provides the merchant with the tools to control and manage cash in the drawer to prevent theft and track pay-outs and pay-ins. Inventory management tracks the items on hand and sends notifications when it's time to re-order more stock. Split Check allows businesses to accept multiple types of payment on one ticket, and assign items to specific guests. The Customer Loyalty Program allows merchants to offer promotions to frequent customers.

Point of Sale Hardware[edit]

1stPayPOS uses the iPad & iPad Mini tablet platforms.

1stPayPOS operates with the following point of sale hardware: Card Reader utilizing End-to-End Encryption,[3] Star Receipt Printer using thermal paper, impact kitchen printer available with both red and black ink and optional buzzer, Cash Drawer, bluetooth Bar Code Scanner with optional charging dock and iPad stand with security lock.


1stPayPOS iPad POS system was launched in the Apple App store May 3, 2013 with end to end encryption payment security for merchants served by ISOs and their Agents. The initial 1.0 version required iOS 6 and the latest 2.3 version requires either iOS 7 or iOS 8 with an iPad 2 or higher.

Version 2.0 added Tip Adjustment and unlimited kitchen/bar printers.

Version 2.1 added Inventory Management, Employee Time Clock, a Gift Card program and support for other payment types (e.g., LevelUp and check).

Version 2.2 added a Customer Rewards & Loyalty Program and created a Held Orders screen, providing access to all orders on hold.

Version 2.3 adds Split Check capabilities, which enables a check to be split equally or by guest. The ability to assign items and descriptions to guests was also added to compliment the Split Check feature. Enhanced Receipts were also added, allowing merchants to add logo, barcode discount code, and styled text to receipts. This version of the app has been updated for compatibility with iOS 8.


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