1st Foreign Engineer Regiment

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1st Foreign Engineer Regiment
(1er Régiment étranger de génie)
Regimental badge of 1er REG
Active 1 October 1939 – 1 January 1942
1 April 1949 – June 1955
1 July 1984 – Present
Country  France
Branch Logo of the French Army (Armee de Terre).svg French Army
Type Engineer
Role Combat engineer
Size 1,000 men
Part of 6th Light Armoured Brigade
Garrison/HQ Quartier General Rollet, Laudun, France
Motto Ad unum (To the end)
Colors Green & Red
Anniversaries Camerone Day (April 30)

Lebanese Civil War 1975-1990

Koweït 1990–1991
Global War on Terrorism (2001-present)

Battle honours Camerone 1863[1]
Beret badge of 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment Insigne de béret du 1er REG.jpg
Abbreviation 1er REG

The 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment (French: 1er Régiment étranger de génie, 1er REG) is one of two combat engineer regiments in the French Foreign Legion. It provides the combat engineering component of the 6th Light Armoured Brigade.[2] Currently stationed at Quartier General Rollet in Laudun-l'Ardoise, Gard, southern France.[3]


6th Foreign Infantry Regiment[edit]

It was created on 1 October 1939 in Lebanon as the 6th Foreign Infantry Regiment. The manpower came from 3 battalions of the 1st Foreign Infantry Regiment and one from 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment, and Clayton (1988:133) says it possessed its own light artillery. It was disbanded 1 January 1942 after the British success in the Syria-Lebanon Campaign and its soldiers were transferred into the 1st Foreign Regiment and Foreign Legion depots. Clayton (1988:136) says that some 690 of the 6th Etranger opted for Charles de Gaulle.

It was recreated on 1 April 1949 in Tunisia from elements of the 1st Foreign Regiment as a reception/transit pool for Indochina drafts. In 1954–55 a single battalion operated against Tunisian insurgents before being disbanded again in June 1955.

6th Foreign Engineer Regiment[edit]

On 1 July 1984 the 6th Foreign Engineer Regiment was created, which inherited the traditions of the 6th Foreign Infantry Regiment.[4] The regiment took part in the Gulf War as part of Opération Daguet.

1st Foreign Engineer Regiment[edit]

It was renamed 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment on 1 July 1999 with the creation of the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment.[5]


The regiment is composed of almost 1000 men organized into 7 companies.[6]

  • Compagnie de Commandement et de Logistique (CCL) – Command and Logistics Company
  • Compagnie d'Administration et de Soutien (CAS) – Administrative and Services Company
  • 1er Compagnie de Combat – 1st Combat Company (3 combat sections, a support section and a command section)
  • 2e Compagnie de Combat – 2nd Combat Company (3 combat sections, a support section and a command section)
  • 3e Compagnie de Combat – 3rd Combat Company (3 combat sections, a support section and a command section)
  • Compagnie d'Appui (CA) – Support Company
  • 5e Compagnie – 5th Reserve Company

Battle honours[edit]

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