1st Lyceum of Patras

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1st Lyceum of Patras
Patras, Greece
Type Co-educational public high school
Established 1836
Principal Mrs Zavoudakis (Ζαβουδάκης)
Grades 1-3

1st Lyceum of Patras is a public high school in Anthoupoli, Patras, Greece. This school was the first to participate in the European Comenius programme.


The Gymnasium of Patras was established in 1836 and became fully operational in 1838. It was named the "Royal High School of Patras". Its first headmaster was George Chrysovergis (1838–1840).[citation needed]


In September 1878 Andreas Karkavitsas attended the school. Postwar poet Miltiades Malakasis attended. Another student was demoticist Elias Patras Voutiridis. The President of the Republic Kostis Stephanopoulos graduated from 1st High School for Boys. Attorney Yperei Kosachroni studied there.


Traditional Dance Club

1st High school of Patras activities include

  • Newspaper called "Ψιθυροι" whispers in Greek
  • Drama Club
  • Basketball Team
  • Football Team
  • Volleyball Team
  • The biggest school library in Patras
  • Dancing Club