2/23rd Battalion (Australia)

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2/23rd Battalion
Active 1940–1946
Country  Australia
Branch Australian Army
Type Infantry
Size ~800–900 personnel[Note 1]
Part of 26th Brigade, 7th Division
26th Brigade, 9th Division
Nickname "Albury’s Own"

World War II

The 2/23rd Battalion was an infantry battalion of the Australian Army, which served during the Second World War. Formed in June 1940 from primarily Victorian volunteers, the battalion served in North Africa in 1941–42 as part of the 26th Brigade, which was assigned to the 7th Division, before being reassigned to the 9th Division. In early 1943 the battalion returned to Australia and later took part in campaigns against the Japanese in New Guinea in 1943–44 and Borneo in 1945, before being disbanded in 1946.

Battle honours[edit]

The 2/23rd Battalion received the following battle honours:

  • North Africa 1941-42, Defence of Tobruk, The Salient 1941, Defence of Alamein Line, El Alamein, South-West Pacific 1943-45, Lae-Nadzab, Finschhafen, Borneo, Busu River, Sattelberg, Wareo and Tarakan.[2]

Commanding officers[edit]

The following officers served as commanding officer of the 2/23rd:[2]


  1. ^ By the start of World War II, the authorised strength of an Australian infantry battalion was 910 men all ranks, however, later in the war it fell to 803.[1]
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