2000 Tour of Faroes Islands

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Statoil Kring Føroyar 2000
Race details
Dates July 19 – July 23
Stages 5
Distance 340.1 km (211.3 mi)
Winner  Rógvi Johansen (FRO) (CAA)
Second  Jørgen Andersen (DEN) (CAA)
Third  Gunnar Dahl-Olsen (FRO) (TSF)

The Tour of Faroes Islands 2000 was the 4th edition of the Tour of Faroe Islands stage race, which is the most important cycling race of the Faroe Islands. Rógvi Johansen from Faroe Islands won his 2nd General Classification, after win 4 stages, the last one was win for Gunnar Dahl-Olsen. Rógvi Johansen participated at the 1999 Island Games and took silver in the 126 km road race.[1][2]


Stage Route Distance Date Winner Overall Leader
Klaksvík History.gif 8 km Wednesday, July 19  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)
Eysturoy 105 km Thursday, July 20  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)
Sandoy History.gif 27 km Friday, July 21  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)
Suðuroy 80 km Saturday, July 22  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)
Streymoy, Tórshavn 120 km Sunday, July 23  Gunnar Dahl-Olsen (FRO)  Rógvi Johansen (FRO)|}


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