2001 Maniacs

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2001 Maniacs
2001 Maniacs.jpg
Theatrical release poster.
Directed by Tim Sullivan
Produced by Christopher Tuffin
Scott Spiegel
Eli Roth
Boaz Yakin
Brett W. Nemeroff
Written by Tim Sullivan
Chris Kobin
Starring Robert Englund
Lin Shaye
Giuseppe Andrews
Jay Gillespie
Music by Nathan Barr
Cinematography Steve Adcock
Edited by Michael Ross
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release dates October 21, 2005
Running time 87 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1.5 million

2001 Maniacs is a 2005 American comedy horror film directed by Tim Sullivan, starring Robert Englund, Jay Gillespie, Dylan Edrington, and Matthew Carey. It is a remake of the 1964 film Two Thousand Maniacs! written and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. The film is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment. It was filmed in Westville, Georgia.


Six prep college students and a biker couple travel south towards Daytona Beach for Spring Break, but a detour leads them into the seemingly idyllic Georgia town of Pleasant Valley, which is holding its annual "Guts and Glory Jubilee" in honor of the American Civil War.

While they stay in the town, completely isolated from the outside world, they are systematically separated and killed in gory fashion by the town's residents. Two students manage to escape, but upon alerting the authorities they learn that "Pleasant Valley" is nothing but a cemetery - a memorial for 2001 Confederate villagers who were massacred 140 years earlier by renegade Union troops during the Civil War. A plaque reveals that the town's residents will not rest until the crime has been paid back: 2001 villagers were killed, 2001 northerners must be killed - an eye for an eye.

As the two students drive away on their motorcycle, they are decapitated by barbed wire. The heads are picked up by Hucklebilly who walks down the road and fades away.

Order of Deaths:

  • Kat - Her limbs are tied to horses and she is drawn and quartered. She is later skinned and served as dinner to the group.
  • Nelson - While having sex with the town's milkmaid, she convinces him to drink some local "moonshine." The moonshine actually turns out to be acid. His body is melted from the inside out.
  • Leah - While square dancing with the townsfolk, Granny Boone cuts the rope holding a cast-iron bell, which falls and crushes her.
  • Ricky - Tries to flee after witnessing Leah's death, but he is caught. Ricky is then hog tied and fatally pierced from end-to-end with a roasting spit.
  • Malcolm - While trying to find Leah, Malcolm is captured by the townsfolk. He is tied to a cotton press and crushed to death.
  • Cory - He is seduced by Peaches. She sprouts metal fangs and then both castrates and eats him.
  • Anderson Lee and Joey - As they ride away from the town on a motorcycle, both are decapitated by a strand of barbed wire that Hucklebilly had strung across the road.


  • Robert Englund as Mayor George W. Buckman
  • Lin Shaye as Granny Boone
  • Giuseppe Andrews as Harper Alexander
  • Jay Gillespie as Anderson Lee
  • Matthew Carey as Cory Jones
  • Peter Stormare as Professor Ackerman
  • Marla Malcolm as Joey
  • Gina Marie Heekin as Kat
  • Brian Gross as Ricky
  • Mushond Lee as Malcolm
  • Dylan Edrington as Nelson Elliot
  • Bianca Smith as Leah
  • Brendan McCarthy as Rufus
  • Adam Robitel as Lester
  • Christa Campbell as Milk Maiden
  • Wendy Kremer as Peaches
  • Cristin Michele as Glendora
  • Kodi Kitchen as Hester
  • Ryan Fleming as Hucklebilly Boone
  • Eli Roth as Justin (the same character he played in Cabin Fever)


On the official Facebook page for the film, the sequel 2001 Maniacs: The Beverly Hellbillys was announced (later renamed to 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams). Mayor Buckman and Harper Alexander are now portrayed by Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre respectively.[1]

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