2001 Supercupa României

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2001 Supercupa României
Event Supercupa României
Date 2 March 2002
Venue Naţional, Bucharest
Referee Marian Salomir (Romania)
Attendance 50,000

2001 Supercupa României was the 5th edition of Romania's season opener cup competition, Supercupa României. The match was played in Bucharest at Stadionul Naţional on 2 March 2002, and was contested between Divizia A title holders, Steaua and Cupa României champions, Dinamo. The super cup final was held in mid season just before the start of its second half. This final was the most attended Supercup final in Romania with over 50,000 spectators. Steaua won the trophy for the 4th time after a double from Trică, Niculescu's goal for Dinamo being insufficient to change the outcome of the game.

Match details[edit]

Steaua Bucureşti
Dinamo Bucureşti
GK 1 Romania Tiberiu Lung
DF 5 Romania Marius Baciu (c)
DF 3 Romania Bogdan Nicolae Substituted off 73'
DF 6 Romania Mirel Rădoi
DF 2 Romania Daniel Bălan Booked 21'
MF 8 Romania Erik Lincar Substituted off 70'
MF 7 Romania Cătălin Liţă
MF 4 Romania Pompiliu Stoica
MF 10 Romania Eugen Trică Booked 78'
FW 11 Romania Adrian Neaga Booked 41' Substituted off 90+2'
FW 9 Romania Claudiu Răducanu Booked 45'
GK 12 Romania Eugen Nae
DF 13 Romania Mihai Neşu
DF 14 Romania Andrei Stânga Substituted in 73'
MF 15 Romania Sorin Paraschiv Substituted in 70'
MF 17 Romania Nana Falemi
FW 16 Romania Alexandru Piţurcă Substituted in 90+2'
FW 18 Romania Marius Vintilă
Romania Victor Piţurcă
GK 1 Romania Bogdan Lobonţ
DF 7 Romania Giani Kiriţă (c)
DF 4 Romania Marin Vătavu Booked 41'
DF 6 Romania Bogdan Onuț
MF 5 Romania Mugur Bolohan
MF 2 Romania Ionuţ Ilie Booked 32' Substituted off 87'
MF 8 Romania Florin Pârvu Booked 38' Substituted off 38'
MF 10 Romania Ovidiu Stîngă
MF 3 Romania Iosif Tâlvan
FW 18 Romania Sabin Ilie Substituted off 46'
FW 9 Romania Claudiu Niculescu
GK 12 Romania Alexandru Iliuciuc
DF 14 Romania Sorin Iodi
DF 17 Romania Dorin Semeghin
MF 15 Romania Iulian Tameş Substituted in 87'
MF 13 Romania Ianis Zicu
FW 16 Romania Claudiu Drăgan Substituted in 46'
FW 19 Romania Vlad Munteanu Substituted in 38'
Romania Marin Ion




  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes extra-time (15 minute intervals)
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores level after extra time.
  • Seven named substitutes
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions.