2001 World Grand Prix (darts)

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The 2001 World Grand Prix was the first time that the competition was staged in the Citywest Hotel Dublin. Phil Taylor won the World Grand Prix the first 3 years but in the tournaments 4th year he got knocked out in the first round 2-1 to Kevin Painter. That meant the tournament would have a new winner. Alan Warriner became champion when he defeated Roland Scholten 8-2 in the final.


First round Second round Quarter-finals Semi-finals
Best of 3 sets Best of 5 sets Best of 11 sets Best of 13 sets
 England Peter Manley  0
 England Martin Adams  2  
 England Martin Adams  3
   England Alex Roy  0  
 England Alex Roy  2
 United States Steve Brown  1  
 England Martin Adams  5
   England John Lowe  6  
 England Steve Beaton  2
 England Ronnie Baxter  1  
 England Steve Beaton  1
   England John Lowe  3  
 England John Lowe  2
 England Cliff Lazarenko  1  
 England John Lowe  1
   Netherlands Roland Scholten  7
 Canada John Part  2
 England Colin Lloyd  0  
 Canada John Part  3
   England Denis Ovens  1  
 England Denis Ovens  2
 Scotland George McLean  0  
 Canada John Part  3
   Netherlands Roland Scholten  6  
 England Rod Harrington  1
 Netherlands Roland Scholten  2  
 Netherlands Roland Scholten  3
   England Mick Manning  0  
 England Kit Young  0
 England Mick Manning  2  
 England Alan Warriner  2
 England Andy Jenkins  0  
 England Alan Warriner  3
   England Shayne Burgess  1  
 England Shayne Burgess  2
 England Peter Evison  1  
 England Alan Warriner  6
   England Dave Askew  2  
 England Dave Askew  2
 Republic of Ireland Keith Rooney  0  
 England Dave Askew  3
   England Ian Cullingworth  0  
 England Ian Cullingworth  2
 England Chris Bowring  0  
 England Alan Warriner  7
   England Dennis Smith  5

 England Dennis Priestley  0
 England Dennis Smith  2  
 England Dennis Smith  3
   England Keith Deller  0  
 England Francis McMahon  0
 England Keith Deller  2  
 England Dennis Smith  6
   England Kevin Painter  1

 England Phil Taylor  1
 England Kevin Painter  2  
 England Kevin Painter  3
   Wales Richie Burnett  0

 England Doug MacCarthy  0
 Wales Richie Burnett  2

Final (Best of 15 sets) Monday October 29th
Roland Scholten Netherlands 2-8 England Alan Warriner
Highest Checkout: Highest Checkout:
England Alan Warriner wins the 2001 World Grand Prix