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Notable events of 2001 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

Events and publications[edit]

Year overall[edit]



  • January 23: Fred Ray, Superman's primary cover artist of the 1940s, dies at age 80.











First issues by title[edit]

7 Seeds
Release: November by Shogakukan (Betsucomi). Author: Yumi Tamura.
Angel Cup
Release: by Tokyopop. Writer: Youn Jae-ho. Artist: Kim Dong-wook.
Fakta fra verden
Release: by Karstein Volle
Pearls Before Swine
Release: December 31 by The Washington Post. Writer: Stephan Pastis Artist: Stephan Pastis.
Sgt Mike Battle: The Greatest American Hero!
Release: August by Pier-C Comics. Writer & Artist: Graham Pierce.
The Surgeon
Release: by Rough Cut Comics
Trip to Tagaytay
Release: by Tala Comics Publishing. Writer & Artist: Arnold Arre.

Initial appearances by character name[edit]

Onimar Synn in JSA #24 (June) written by David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns, published by DC Comics.


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