2002 Dudley earthquake

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2002 Dudley earthquake
2002 Dudley earthquake is located in the United Kingdom
2002 Dudley earthquake
Date September 22, 2002 (2002-09-22)
Magnitude 5.0 ML[1]
Depth 14.0 kilometres (9 mi)
Epicenter 52°32′N 2°10′W / 52.53°N 2.16°W / 52.53; -2.16Coordinates: 52°32′N 2°10′W / 52.53°N 2.16°W / 52.53; -2.16
Areas affected United Kingdom
Casualties None

The 2002 Dudley earthquake struck the West Midlands of United Kingdom on 22 September at 23:53 UTC (23 September, 00:53 local time). The shock registered 5.0 on the Richter scale and lasted approximately 20 seconds.[2]

It was the largest earthquake to hit the UK since the 1990 Bishop's Castle earthquake, but there were no injuries and only minor structural damage. The epicentre was located at the junction of High Arcal Road and Himley Road (grid reference SO898913) in the district of South Staffordshire, just outside the boundary of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, approximately two miles west of Dudley Town Centre.

The tremor was felt over an area of 260,000 square kilometres (100,387 sq mi), including Wales, Liverpool, Derby, Yorkshire, Wiltshire and London. The furthest felt reports came from Carlisle in the north, and Truro in the South. [3]

An aftershock of magnitude 2.7 occurred on 23 September at 03:32 UTC (04:32 local time), and was felt locally throughout Dudley and in Birmingham.[4]

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