2002 Romania rugby union tour of British Isles

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Romania on tour in 2002
destination: British Isles
Type P W D L
Total: 4 0 0 4
Test match: 3 0 0 3
Romania against Test match opponents
Opp. P W D L
 Ireland 1 0 0 1
 Wales 1 0 0 1
 Scotland 1 0 0 1

The 2002 Romania rugby union tour of British Isles was a series of matches played in September and November 2002 in Ireland, Scotland and Wales by the Romania national rugby union team. It was a tour in two phases with the first match in September against Ireland, and the remaining three matches in Wales and Scotland during November. After the Irish match Romania played two qualification matches for 2003 Rugby World Cup against Italy and Spain.

First test: Ireland[edit]

7 September 2002
 Ireland 39–8  Romania
Try: Gleeson, Hayes,
Henderson, O'Driscoll
1 scrum
Con: O'Gara 3
Pen: O'Gara 2
Try: Maftei
Pen: Tofan
Thomond Park, Limerick
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Giulio de Santis Italy

Ireland:15.Girvan Dempsey, 14.John Kelly, 13.Brian O'Driscoll, 12.Kevin Maggs, 11.Denis Hickie, 10.Ronan O'Gara, 9.Peter Stringer, 8.Anthony Foley (capt.), 7.Keith Gleeson, 6.Simon Easterby, 5.Malcolm O'Kelly, 4.Gary Longwell, 3.John Hayes, 2.Shane Byrne, 1.Reggie Corrigan Temporarily suspendedreplacements: 18.Leo Cullen, 19.Victor Costello, 20.Guy EasterbyNo entry : 16.Paul Shields, 17.Paul Wallace
Romania:15.Gabriel Brezoianu, 14.Cristian Sauan, 13.Valentin Maftei, 12.Romeo Gontineac, 11.Mihai Vioreanu, 10.Ionut Tofan, 9.Lucian Sirbu, 8.Alin Petrache Temporarily suspended, 7.Alex Manta, 6.George Chiriac, 5.Cristian Petre, 4.Marius Dragomir, 3.Marius Tincu Temporarily suspended, 2.Razvan Mavrodin, 1.Mihai Dumitru, – replacements: 16.Marius Picoiu, 17.Roland Vusec, 18.Petrisor Toderasc, 19.Dan Tudosa, 20.Augustin PetrecheiNo entry:

Second Test : Wales[edit]

1 November 2002
 Wales 40–3  Romania
Try: MA Jones, Quinnell
G. Thomas, penalty try
Con: Neil Jenkins 4
Pen: Neil Jenkins 4
Pen: Tofan
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Joel Judge France

Wales:15.Rhys Williams, 14.Mark Jones, 13.Tom Shanklin, 12.Sonny Parker, 11.Gareth Thomas, 10.Neil Jenkins, 9.Dwayne Peel, 8.Scott Quinnell, 7.Colin Charvis, 6.Michael Owen, 5.Steve Williams, 4.Robert Sidoli, 3.Martyn Madden, 2.Mefin Davies, 1.Gethin Jenkinsreplacements: 16.Andrew Lewis, 17.Ben Evans, 18.Gareth Llewellyn, 19.Gavin ThomasNo entry : 20.Ryan Powell
Romania:15.Dan Dumbrava, 14.Vasile Ghioc, 13.Gabriel Brezoianu, 12.Romeo Gontineac, 11.Marius Picoiu, 10.Ionut Tofan, 9.Petre Mitu, 8.Ovidiu Tonita, 7.Alin Petrache Temporarily suspended, 6.Florin Corodeanu, 5.Cristian Petre, 4.Sorin Socol, 3.Silviu Florea, 2.Razvan Mavrodin, 1.Petrisor Toderasc, – replacements: 16.Nicolae Dragos Dima, 17.Marian Constantin, 18.Marcel Socaciu, 19.George ChiriacNo entry: 20.Cristian Podea

Mid week game against "Scotland A"[edit]

5 November 2002
 Scotland A 21–18  Romania A

Third Test : Scotland[edit]

9 November 2002
 Scotland 37–10  Romania
Try: Grimes, Leslie,
Moffat, Paterson, Pountney
Con: Laney 3
Pen: Laney 2
Try: Tofan
Con: Tofan
Pen: Tofan
Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Andy Turner South Africa

Scotland:15.Stuart Moffat, 14.Nikki Walker, 13.Andy Craig, 12.Brendan Laney, 11.Chris Paterson, 10.Gordon Ross, 9.Bryan Redpath (cap), 8.Simon Taylor, 7.Budge Pountney, 6.Martin Leslie, 5.Stuart Grimes, 4.Scott Murray, 3.Bruce Douglas, 2.Gordon Bulloch, 1.Tom Smithreplacements: Steve Scott, Matthew Stewart, Nathan Hines, Jon PetrieNo entry : Graeme Beveridge
Romania:15.Gabriel Brezoianu, 14.Ion Teodorescu, 13.Valentin Maftei, 12.Romeo Gontineac (cap), 11.Vasile Ghioc, 10.Ionut Tofan, 9.Petre Mitu, 8.Alin Petrache, 7.George Chiriac, 6.Florin Corodeanu, 5.Cristian Petre, 4.Augustin Petrechei, 3.Nicolae Dragos Dima, 2.Marius Tincu, 1.Petru Balan, – replacements: Petrisor Toderasc, Marcel Socaciu, Stefan Dragnea, Costica MersoiuNo entry: Cristian Podea