2003 National People's Congress

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2003 National People's Congress
Dì-shí Jiè Quánguó Rénmín Dàibiǎo Dàhuì Dì-sìcì Huìyì
1st Plenary Session
10th National People's Congress

5 March – 18 March

President Congress Chairman Premier
Hu Jintao Cannes2011.jpg Wu Bangguo Beijing2011.jpg Wen Jiabao (Cropped).jpg
Hu Jintao Wu Bangguo Wen Jiabao
15 March 2003
15 March 2003
16 March 2003


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The 1st Plenary Session of the 10th National People's Congress was held from March 5 to March 18 in Beijing, China, in conjunction with the 2003 session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

The 2953 delegates of the Congress elected the following state leaders:

The delegates appointed the following state officers:

The delegates also approved the following nominations by the new Premier:

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Preceded by
2002 NPC
Annual National People's Congress Sessions of the
People's Republic of China

March 5—18, 2003
Succeeded by
2004 NPC