2003 Petit Le Mans

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The 2003 Petit Le Mans was the ninth and final race in the 2003 American Le Mans Series season and was held at Road Atlanta. It took place on October 18, 2003.

Official results[edit]

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 70% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 LMP900 38 United States ADT Champion Racing Finland JJ Lehto
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert
Audi R8 M 394
Audi 3.6 L Turbo V8
2 LMP900 10 United States JML Team Panoz Monaco Olivier Beretta
Belgium David Saelens
Italy Max Papis
Panoz LMP01 Evo M 386
Élan 6L8 6.0 L V8
3 LMP900 1 Germany Infineon Team Joest Germany Frank Biela
Germany Marco Werner
Audi R8 M 385
Audi 3.6 L Turbo V8
4 LMP900 11 United States JML Team Panoz Canada Scott Maxwell
United States Gunnar Jeannette
Switzerland Benjamin Leuenberger
Panoz LMP01 Evo M 379
Élan 6L8 6.0L V8
5 GTS 88 United Kingdom Prodrive Switzerland Alain Menu
Netherlands Peter Kox
Czech Republic Tomáš Enge
Ferrari 550-GTS Maranello M 375
Ferrari 5.9 L V12
6 GTS 80 United Kingdom Prodrive Australia David Brabham
Denmark Jan Magnussen
United Kingdom Anthony Davidson
Ferrari 550-GTS Maranello M 375
Ferrari 5.9 L V12
7 GTS 4 United States Corvette Racing United Kingdom Oliver Gavin
United States Kelly Collins
United States Andy Pilgrim
Chevrolet Corvette C5-R G 366
Chevrolet LS7r 7.0 L V8
8 GT 24 United States Alex Job Racing Germany Timo Bernhard
Germany Jörg Bergmeister
France Romain Dumas
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 360
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
9 GT 23 United States Alex Job Racing Germany Sascha Maassen
Germany Lucas Luhr
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 360
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
10 LMP900 12 United States American Spirit Racing United States Mike Lewis
United States Tomy Drissi
Canada Melanie Patterson
Riley & Scott Mk III C D 360
Lincoln 5.0 L V8
11 GTS 08 United Kingdom Prodrive Switzerland Frédéric Dor
Netherlands Jan Lammers
France Jérôme Policand
Ferrari 550-GTS Maranello M 357
Ferrari 5.9 L V12
12 LMP675 37 United States Intersport Racing United States Jon Field
United States Duncan Dayton
United States Larry Connor
Lola B01/60 G 357
Judd KV675 3.4 L V8
13 GT 35 United States Risi Competizione Germany Ralf Kelleners
United States Anthony Lazzaro
Ferrari 360 Modena GT M 355
Ferrari 3.6 L V8
14 GTS 3 United States Corvette Racing Canada Ron Fellows
United States Johnny O'Connell
France Franck Fréon
Chevrolet Corvette C5-R G 353
Chevrolet 7.0 L V8
15 GT 66 United States The Racer's Group United States Kevin Buckler
United States Cort Wagner
United States Patrick Long
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 352
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
16 GT 79 United States J3 Racing United States Justin Jackson
United States David Murray
United States Brian Cunningham
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 351
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
17 GT 6 United States Yokohama/ADVAN
United States Prototype Technology Group (PTG)
United States Bill Auberlen
United States Boris Said
Germany Hans-Joachim Stuck
BMW M3 GTR Y 350
BMW 3.2 L I6
18 GT 63 United States ACEMCO Motorsports United States Terry Borcheller
United States Darren Law
United States Shane Lewis
Ferrari 360 Modena GT Y 350
Ferrari 3.6 L V8
19 GT 60 United Kingdom PK Sport United Kingdom Robin Liddell
Italy Alex Caffi
United Kingdom David Warnock
Porsche 911 GT3-RS P 344
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
20 GT 42 United States Orbit Racing United States Randy Pobst
United States Joe Policastro
United States Joe Policastro Jr.
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 342
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
21 LMP675 20 United States Dyson Racing United States Chris Dyson
Belgium Didier de Radigues
United States Chad Block
MG-Lola EX257 M 320
MG (AER) XP20 2.0 L Turbo I4
22 LMP675 64 United States Downing Atlanta, Inc. United States Jim Downing
Japan Yojiro Terada
United States Howard Katz
WR LM2001 D 318
Mazda R26B 4-rotor
GT 43 United States Orbit Racing United States Leo Hindery
United States Peter Baron
Germany Mike Rockenfeller
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 313
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
24 GT 61 United States PK Sport United States Vic Rice
United States John Groom
United States Romeo Kapudija
United States Ron Attapatu
Porsche 911 GT3-RS P 300
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
LMP675 18 United States Essex Racing United States Andrew Davis
United States Jason Workman
United States Scott Bradley
Lola B2K/40 P 286
Nissan (AER) VQL 3.0 L V6
26 GT 89 United States Inline Cunningham Racing Brazil Oswaldo Negri, Jr.
United States Burt Frisselle
Porsche 911 GT3-RS Y 280
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
GTS 71 United States Carsport America United States Tom Wieckardt
France Jean-Philippe Belloc
France Éric Cayrolle
Dodge Viper GTS-R P 239
Dodge 8.0 L V10
GT 68 United States The Racer's Group United States Chris Gleason
Germany Pierre Ehret
United States Marc Bunting
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 217
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
LMP675 56 United States Team Bucknum Racing United States Bryan Willman
United States Chris McMurray
United States Alan Rudolph
Pilbeam MP91 D 194
Willman 6 (JPX) 3.4 L V6
GT 03 United States Hyper Sport Competition United States Joe Foster
United States Brad Nyberg
United States Rick Skelton
Panoz Esperante GT-LM P 186
Ford (Elan) 5.0 L V8
GT 52 Germany Seikel Motorsport Canada Tony Burgess
United States Philip Collin
New Zealand Andrew Bagnall
Porsche 911 GT3-RS Y 159
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
GT 67 United States The Racer's Group United States Tom Nastasi
United States Jeff Zwart
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 129
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
LMP900 30 United States Intersport Racing United States Clint Field
United States Michael Durand
United States Larry Oberto
Riley & Scott Mk III C D 73
Élan 6L8 6.0 L V8
GT 31 United States Petersen Motorsports
United States White Lightning Racing
United Kingdom Johnny Mowlem
United States Craig Stanton
United States Michael Petersen
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 35
Porsche 3.6 L Flat-6
GTS 0 Italy Team Olive Garden Italy Mimmo Schiattarella
Italy Emanuele Naspetti
Switzerland Joël Camathias
Ferrari 550 Maranello M 28
Ferrari 6.0 L V12
LMP675 16 United States Dyson Racing United Kingdom James Weaver
United Kingdom Andy Wallace
United States Butch Leitzinger
MG-Lola EX257 M 6
MG (AER) XP20 2.0 L Turbo I4
DNS GT 28 United States JMB Racing USA France Stéphane Grégoire
United States Stephen Earle
United States Phillip Shearer
Ferrari 360 Modena GT P -
Ferrari 3.6 L V8


  • Pole Position - #1 Infineon Team Joest - 1:11.738
  • Fastest Lap - #38 Champion Racing - 1:12.624
  • Distance - 1,000.76 miles (1,610.57 km)
  • Average Speed - 105.126 mph (169.184 km/h)

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