2004–05 Israel State Cup

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2004–05 Israel State Cup
Country  Israel
Champions Maccabi Tel Aviv (22nd Title)

The 2004–05 Israel State Cup was the 66th season of Israel's nationwide football cup competition and the 51st after the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

The competition was won by Maccabi Tel Aviv, who had beaten Maccabi Herzliya on penalties after 2–2 in the final.

By winning, Maccabi Tel Aviv qualified to the second round of the UEFA Cup.


Eighth Round[edit]

The draw for the Eighth Round was held on 27 January 2005.[1] Most matches were played on 8 February 2005,[2][3] except for the match between Hapoel Marmorek and Maccabi Tirat HaCarmel, which was played on 22 February 2005.[4]

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Majd al-Krum 0–4 Hapoel Ashkelon
Beitar Giv'at Ze'ev 2–3 Hapoel Reineh
Maccabi Sha'arayim 2–0 Maccabi Kafr Yasif
Hapoel Ramat Gan 1–0 Maccabi Ramat Amidar
Hapoel Nahlat Yehuda 2–1 Hapoel Afula
Hapoel Bnei Lod 3–4 Maccabi Ironi Kiryat Ata
Bnei Baqa al-Gharbiyye 0–4 Maccabi Be'er Sheva
Hapoel Marmorek 2–1 (a.e.t.) Maccabi Tirat HaCarmel

Ninth Round[edit]

Most matches were played between 1 March 2005 and 9 March 2005.[5][6][7][8][9]

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Ra'anana 3–2 Hapoel Jerusalem
Maccabi Ironi Kiryat Ata 1–3 Hapoel Haifa
Hakoah Ramat Gan 2–0 Ironi Kiryat Shmona
Hapoel Nahlat Yehuda 1–0 Hapoel Reineh
Maccabi Sha'arayim 2–3 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Tzafririm Holon
Hapoel Acre 1–1 (a.e.t.) (1–3 p.) Maccabi Herzliya
Maccabi Tel Aviv 3–1 Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Maccabi Ahi Nazareth 1–4 Maccabi Haifa
Maccabi Petah Tikva 2–1 Hapoel Ramat Gan
Hapoel Kfar Saba 2–3 Maccabi Netanya
Hapoel Tel Aviv 2–0 Ironi Nir Ramat HaSharon
Hapoel Marmorek 0–1 Hapoel Ashkelon
Hapoel Rishon LeZion 1–4 F.C. Ashdod
Beitar Jerusalem 0–1 Hapoel Petah Tikva
Maccabi Be'er Sheva 0–2 Bnei Sakhnin
Bnei Yehuda 5–1 Hapoel Nazareth Illit

Round of 16[edit]

Quarter finals[edit]




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