2004 Red Bull Air Race World Series season

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2004 Red Bull Air Race World Championship
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The 2004 Red Bull Air Race World Series season was the 2nd Red Bull Air Race World Series season. It debuted on June 20, 2004 and ended on September 18.

In the 2004 season, the number of air race venues increased from 2 to 3 locations. The leg Zeltweg in Austria made place to RAF Kemble in the United Kingdom, and Reno, Nevada in the USA was added to the programme.

In addition to the previous year's competitors, three pilots from the USA, Mike Mangold, Michael Goulian and David Martin, Dutch Frank Versteegh and French Nicolas Ivanoff took part at the air races in 2004. American Kirby Chambliss, became champion in 2004 with a total of 17 points winning 2 of the 3 air races, followed by Hungarian Peter Besenyei (12 points), who won the both air races in 2003. British Steve Jones and German Klaus Schrodt shared the 3rd place with 8 points.

Race calendar[edit]

2004 Red Bull Air Race World Series
Race Calendar
Leg Date Place Country
1 June 20 RAF Kemble United Kingdom United Kingdom
2 August 20 River Danube, Budapest Hungary Hungary
3 September 18 Reno, Nevada United States United States

Standings and results[edit]

2004 Red Bull Air Race World Series
Standings and Results
Rank Pilot GBR United Kingdom HUN Hungary USA United States Total Points
1 USA Kirby Chambliss 1 1 2 17
2 Hungary Peter Besenyei 3 3 3 12
3 United Kingdom Steve Jones 2 4 7 8
3= Germany Klaus Schrodt 4 2 DNS 8
5 USA Mike Mangold DNP DNP 1 6
6 The Netherlands Frank Versteegh 5 6 DNS 3
6= USA Michael Goulian DNP DNP 4 3
8 United Kingdom Paul Bonhomme 6 7 6 2
8= France Nicolas Ivanoff DNP 5 DNS 2
8= USA David Martin DNP DNP 5 2
11 Spain Alejandro Maclean DNP 8 DNS 0


  • DNP: Did not participate
  • DNS: Did not show


2004 Red Bull Air Race World Series
Aircraft Constructor Pilot
Extra 230 Germany Extra Flugzeugbau France Nicolas Ivanoff
Extra 300L Germany Extra Flugzeugbau The Netherlands Frank Versteegh
Extra 300S Germany Extra Flugzeugbau Hungary Peter Besenyei
United Kingdom Paul Bonhomme
United Kingdom Steve Jones
Germany Klaus Schrodt
Sukhoi Su-26 Soviet Union Sukhoi Corporation Spain Alejandro Maclean
Zivko Edge 540 United States Zivko Aeronautics USA Kirby Chambliss
USA Mike Mangold

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