2005–06 New Zealand Football Championship

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New Zealand Football Championship
Season 2005–06
Champions Auckland City
Oceania Club Championship Auckland City,
YoungHeart Manawatu
Matches played 90
Goals scored 326 (3.62 per match)

The 2005–06 New Zealand Football Championship was the second season of the New Zealand Football Championship. The final was won by Auckland City, who successfully defended the title they won in 2005.

New Format[edit]

In the regular season, all teams played each other three times, as before. But the playoff stage was changed slightly, with the top five teams now going through to the playoffs (as opposed to the previous three).

Team locations[edit]

Final league table[edit]

Team Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Points
Auckland City 21 16 0 5 63 28 48
YoungHeart Manawatu 21 14 4 3 50 29 46
Canterbury United 21 13 2 6 36 22 41
Team Wellington 21 8 4 9 43 53 28
Otago United 21 7 6 8 27 25 27
Waitakere United 21 6 4 11 38 41 22
Waikato FC 21 6 4 11 31 44 22
Hawke's Bay United 21 1 2 18 17 63 5
  • Auckland win "Premiership" and qualify for Round 2 of the playoffs
  • Manawautu, Canterbury, Wellington and Otago all qualify for Round 1 of the playoffs


In this season's extended playoff system, the games are broken up into several rounds.

Round 1[edit]

The second place team plays the third place team in Game 1; and fourth place plays fifth place in Game 2. The second and fourth placed teams get home advantage. The winners of each game progress to Round 2, as does the loser of Game 1. The Game 2 loser is eliminated.

Round 2[edit]

Auckland City, as Premiers, receive a bye straight to Round 2 where they face the winner from Game 1. The loser of Game 1 gets a second chance by going into Round 2 to face the Game 2 winner.

The winner of Game 3 (Auckland) now goes into the Grand Final - and with home advantage. The loser of Game 3 (Canterbury) gets a second chance to make the Grand Final by playing the winner of Game 4 (Wellington). The Game 4 loser is eliminated.

Round 3[edit]

Canterbury, as winners, go on to face Auckland City in the Grand Final.

Grand Final[edit]

Auckland City are the champions of the 2005–06 New Zealand Football Championship and, along with league runners up YoungHeart Manawatu, will go on to represent New Zealand in the Oceania Club Championship 2006

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