2005–06 Volvo Ocean Race

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Pirates of the Caribbean entering Gothenburg harbor at the end of the last leg of Volvo Ocean Race 2005/2006.
Pirates of the Caribbean near the finish line of last leg of 2005/06 race.
Brunel finishing the New York Leg
The competitors at port in Annapolis.

The 2005–06 Volvo Ocean Race was held between 5 November 2005 and 17 June 2006. Seven boats took part in the race and made ten stops in nine countries.

The 2005–06 race was the first to not begin in the United Kingdom. The course of 31,000 nautical miles (57,000 km) was divided into 9 legs, and would take over 8 months to complete. A new design of boat, the Volvo Open 70 was also used for the first time in this race. The new boats were 2m longer and about 1,000 kg lighter than the VO60's used in the previous race. They were also allowed to have more sail area and include the use of canting keels.[1]

During Leg 7 of the race Hans Horrevoets, 32, of The Netherlands was swept overboard from ABN Amro II. Although he was recovered from the water, attempts to resuscitate him were not successful. CPR was stopped at 0420GMT, 18 May 2006.[2]

The crew of Movistar abandoned ship after the aft end of their keel pivot broke away from their hull in the night of 20 May 2006, and transferred to ABN Amro II which had been standing by and was escorted by HMS Mersey back to land.[3] Although a search was carried out for the yacht, it is believed she sank due to the damage sustained.[4]

The 2005–06 race had tighter restrictions on the number of crewmembers allowed than previous races. An all-male crew was restricted to ten, while a crew with at least 5 women could have eleven members, and an all-female crew, (of which there were none in the race), could have twelve. The only woman who served as crew was Adrienne Cahalan of Brasil 1, who was replaced after the first leg. The skipper of each team may nominate one additional person for the in-port races.


Boat Flag Designer !Builder !Skipper
ABN Amro I  Netherlands Juan Kouyoumdjian Bushe, KillianKillian Bushe Sanderson, MikeMike Sanderson
ABN Amro II  Netherlands Juan Kouyoumdjian Bushe, KillianKillian Bushe Josse, SebastienSebastien Josse
Brasil1  Brazil Farr Yacht Design ML Boatworks Grael, TorbenTorben Grael
Brunel  Australia Don Jones Hart Marine Warington, GrantGrant Warington
Ericsson Racing Team  Sweden Farr Yacht Design Green Marine MacDonald, NealNeal MacDonald
movistar  Spain Farr Yacht Design Boatspeed Bekking, BouweBouwe Bekking
Pirates of the Caribbean  United States Farr Yacht Design Green Marine Cayard, PaulPaul Cayard


Event Starting date Start Finish Distance (nmi) Winner
Race 1 5 November 2005 Sanxenxo, Spain In-Port Race Ericsson Racing Team
Leg 1 12 November 2005 Vigo, Spain Cape Town, South Africa 6,400 ABN Amro I
Race 2 26 December 2005 Cape Town, South Africa In-Port Race ABN Amro I
Leg 2 2 January 2006 Cape Town, South Africa Melbourne, Australia 6,100 ABN Amro I
Race 3 4 February 2006 Melbourne, Australia In-Port Race ABN Amro I
Leg 3 12 February 2006 Melbourne, Australia Wellington, New Zealand 1,450 movistar
Leg 4 19 February 2006 Wellington, New Zealand Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 6,700 ABN Amro I
Race 4 25 March 2006 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil In-Port Race ABN Amro I
Leg 5 2 April 2006 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Baltimore, USA 5,000 ABN Amro I
Race 5 29 April 2006 Baltimore, USA In-Port Race movistar
Leg 6 2 May 2006 Annapolis, USA New York City, USA 400 ABN Amro I
Leg 7 11 May 2006 New York City, USA Portsmouth, United Kingdom 3,200 ABN Amro I
Race 6 29 May 2006 Portsmouth, United Kingdom In-Port Race ABN Amro I
Leg 8 2 June 2006 Portsmouth, United Kingdom Rotterdam, Netherlands 1,500 Brasil1
Race 7 11 June 2006 Rotterdam, Netherlands In-Port Race ABN Amro I
Leg 9 15 June 2006 Rotterdam, Netherlands Gothenburg, Sweden 500 Pirates of the Caribbean


# Boat Total
1 ABN Amro I 96.0
2 Pirates of the Caribbean 73.0
3 Brasil1 67.0
4 ABN Amro II 58.5
5 Ericsson Racing Team 55.0
6 movistar 48.0
7 Brunel (Sunergy and Friends) 15.5
Full details of finishing positions can be found in: Media Guide: 5. History


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