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The following is a list of events affecting American television during 2005. Events listed include television series debuts, finales, cancellations, and new channel initiations.



Date Event
1 The U.S. channel package PT East, originally created by the New York, New York, company PrimeTime 24, and used by satellite TV viewers where over-the-air TV is unavailable, changes its ABC station from WKRN-TV (Nashville, Tennessee) to WABC-TV (New York City).
DirecTV deletes the Trio channel from its lineup. The network loses two-thirds of its 20 million viewers, putting in doubt the future of the NBC Universal channel.
5 The 35th anniversary episode of the series All My Children is broadcast by ABC. The special episode, which used former characters Mark Dalton (Mark LaMura) and Nick Davis (Larry Keith), was also unique in that it was the last appearance of ailing actress Ruth Warrick. She died less than two weeks after the episode was broadcast.
8 CBS broadcasts the first episode of The Will, a reality series. Ratings for the show are so low, it becomes one of only a few series of American TV history to be cancelled after only one episode. Later during 2005, FOX also cancels Who's Your Daddy?, another reality series, after a single episode.
22 The Fox Box, Fox's Saturday morning programming owned by 4Kids Entertainment, is renamed as 4Kids TV.


Date Event
2 Paramount Television and UPN announce the cancellation of the series Star Trek: Enterprise. Soon afterward, fan efforts begin in order to save the show, climaxing in a campaign that raises more than $3 million (US) towards funding further production, an offer Paramount ultimately rejects.
6 American Dad! airs its pilot episode Fox after a new episode of The Simpsons which airs after Super Bowl XXXIX.
7 MTV2 reinitiates the two-headed dog symbol.


Date Event
9 On the 24th anniversary of his debut as anchorman, Dan Rather retires as main anchorman of the series CBS Evening News and is succeeded by Bob Schieffer on an interim basis.
18 G4 broadcasts the final episode of the former TechTV series The Screen Savers; the series is reformatted and debuts as Attack of the Show! the next week.
26 After a 16-year hiatus, Doctor Who returns to television in the UK. Around this time efforts are under way to get the cult program a berth on an American network, however Sci-Fi Channel initially rejects it.


Date Event
1 ABC news anchorman Peter Jennings anchors what will turn out to be his final World News Tonight telecast.
5 Peter Jennings informs viewers of World News Tonight, via a taped segment, that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is beginning chemotherapy. He dies during August 2005.


Date Event
1 Family Guy begins airing new episodes on Fox after three years off the schedule. This return was brought about after the unexpected popularity of the series' cable reruns and DVD releases.
2 Hunter Tylo resumes playing for the series The Bold and the Beautiful after her character, Dr. Taylor Forrester, was "killed off" three years ago. The revelation that she was alive surprised many viewers as it had not been hinted by any other sources, print or online.
13 The controversial final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise is broadcast in the United States, ending an 18-year, uninterrupted run of four consecutive or concurrent Star Trek series dating back to 1987.
23 Tom Cruise appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which made several public pronouncements of his relationship with Katie Holmes, and most notably "the couch incident."
25 Carrie Underwood wins the fourth season of the popular singing competition, American Idol.


Date Event
30 Logo, a TV channel intended for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults, premieres, with VH1 Mega Hits being discontinued to provide the bulk of its carriage.


Date Event
1 The PAX network is renamed as i.


Date Event
1 Current TV, a 24-hour youth-oriented news channel owned by the former U.S. vice president Al Gore, is initiated. The channel replaced Newsworld International.
7 ABC's acclaimed newsanchor Peter Jennings dies of lung cancer. He is succeeded by Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas for World News Tonight.
29 Hurricane Katrina strikes the Greater New Orleans area, causing major disruption of the region's television broadcasts. Local television news programs relocate to other cities in order to cover the story, though most are interrupted by the storm; some continue to broadcast reports by the Internet.


Date Event
2 While presenting for the NBC Concert for Hurricane Relief, music producer and rapper Kanye West ignored his script and addressed what he perceived as the racism of both the government and of the media, stating: "George Bush doesn't care about black people", and called for the media to stop labelling African-American families as "looters" while white families were depicted as "looking for food." It was only shown in the United States.
ABC Family's weekday morning discontinued.
10 Naruto marks its North American television debut for the first time on Cartoon Network's Toonami program sequence.
Nick on CBS is resumed the same name again Nick Jr. on CBS.
18 The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were given at the Shrine Auditorium by CBS.
20 Maggie Ausburn is the winner of the American version of Big Brother 6, and wins the $500,000 prize. Runner-Up Ivette Corredero wins $50,000.
23 Nicktoons is renamed as Nicktoons Network. Four years later Nicktoons resumed the same name again.
26 PBS Kids Sprout, a children's non-commercial network from PBS and PBS Kids, is initiated.


Date Event
1 NBC's series Saturday Night Live begins broadcasting in HDTV format.
20 The series Neon Genesis Evangelion debuts for the first time on US network TV on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim program sequence.
22 Tina Fey returns from maternity leave to resume her duties for Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update skit.


Date Event
8 The series Days of our Lives celebrates its fortieth anniversary.
22 Ted Koppel resigns as host of ABC's series Nightline after 25 years.


Date Event
1 Oprah Winfrey appears on the Late Show with David Letterman, joining host David Letterman for the first time in sixteen years.
2 the series Knots Landing broadcasts its special non-fiction program entitled, Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again.



Date Debut Network
January 3 Medium NBC
January 4 Committed
January 6 Wickedly Perfect CBS
January 9 Zoey 101 Nickelodeon
January 13 Tilt ESPN
January 16 Iron Chef America Food Network
January 21 American Dragon: Jake Long Disney Channel
January 14 Battlestar Galactica Sci-Fi Channel
January 23 Numb3rs CBS
February 5 Power Rangers S.P.D. ABC Family
February 6 American Dad! Fox
February 14 Kudlow & Company CNBC
February 19 Mew Mew Power 4Kids TV
February 20 Robot Chicken Adult Swim
February 21 Avatar: The Last Airbender Nickelodeon
March 8 Blind Justice ABC
March 11 Wonder Showzen MTV2
March 14 Mad Money CNBC
March 18 The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Disney Channel
March 21 Charlie and Lola Playhouse Disney
March 24 The Office NBC
March 27 Grey's Anatomy ABC
March 28 Attack of the Show! G4
April 1 The Eyes of Nye PBS
April 12 Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel
April 24 Strip Search VH1
May 9 Catscratch Nickelodeon
May 14 Game Show Moments Gone Bananas VH1
May 26 Kept
May 30 The Life and Times of Juniper Lee Cartoon Network
June 2 Beauty and the Geek The WB
June 17 The Buzz on Maggie Disney Channel
June 19 12 oz. Mouse Adult Swim
June 20 Wildfire ABC Family
July 6 Mind of Mencia Comedy Central
July 8 Camp Lazlo Cartoon Network
July 9 Time Warp Trio Discovery Kids
July 20 Criss Angel Mindfreak A&E Network
So You Think You Can Dance Fox
August 13 Magical DoReMi 4Kids TV
August 17 Weeds Showtime
August 29 Prison Break Fox
September 6 Go, Diego, Go! Nickelodeon
September 10 G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 4Kids TV
Naruto Toonami
September 12 Meerkat Manor Animal Planet
The Tyra Banks Show Syndication
September 13 Supernatural The WB
Bones Fox
September 17 Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island Kids' WB!
Johnny Test
Loonatics Unleashed
September 19 How I Met Your Mother CBS
Surface NBC
September 20 My Name Is Earl
September 22 Everybody Hates Chris UPN
Criminal Minds CBS
September 23 Ghost Whisperer
September 27 Commander in Chief ABC
October 4 Close to Home CBS
October 5 Freddie ABC
October 9 Little Einsteins Playhouse Disney
October 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Cartoon Network
October 16 Squidbillies Adult Swim
October 17 The Colbert Report Comedy Central
November 2 South of Nowhere The N
November 5 IGPX Toonami
November 6 The Boondocks Adult Swim
November 25 The X's Nickelodeon
December 6 Madden Nation ESPN2
December 18 Moral Orel Adult Swim
December 19 Deal or No Deal NBC
December 26 My Gym Partner's a Monkey Cartoon Network
December 27 Ben 10

Resumed this year[edit]

Show Last Aired Channel
Family Guy 2002 Fox
Dirty Jobs 2003 ABC Family
Doctor Who 1996 BBC
Kojak 2005
Nick Jr. on CBS 2002 CBS
Dragonball Z 2003 Cartoon Network

Ending this year[edit]

Date Show Debut
February 5 Living with Lydia 2001
February 11 Kudlow & Cramer 2002
February 28 ¡Mucha Lucha!
March 1 NYPD Blue 1993
March 11 Bullseye 2003
Tru Calling
Star Wars: Clone Wars
March 18 The Screen Savers 1998
March 21 The Osbournes 2002
March 25 The Powerpuff Girls 1998
March 27 Carnivàle 2003
March 30 American Dreams 2002
March 31 Dragon Tales 1999
April 15 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter 2002
Krystala 2004
April 22 Joan of Arcadia 2003
April 25 Sealab 2021 2000
April 26 Megas XLR 2004
April 29 JAG 1995
May 3 Jack & Bobby 2004
Judging Amy 1999
May 6 Third Watch
May 13 Andromeda 2000
Star Trek: Enterprise 2001
May 16 Everybody Loves Raymond 1996
May 18 My Wife and Kids 2001
May 27 U-Pick Live 2002
June 19 Teletubbies 1998
June 21 Blind Justice 2005
June 22 ChalkZone 2002
July 1 Train 48 2003
July 8 Jackie Chan Adventures 2000
July 18 Summerland 2004
August 21 Six Feet Under 2001
August 27 Braceface
September 2 60 Minutes II 1999
September 3 Shaman King 2003
Nickelodeon on CBS 2002
October 22 All That 1994
November 14 Power Rangers S.P.D. 2005
December 24 Little Britain 2003

Changes of Network Affiliation[edit]

Show Moved from Moved to
National Geographic Explorer MSNBC National Geographic Channel
Project Greenlight HBO Bravo
Wildboyz MTV MTV2
WWE RAW Spike TV USA Network
The Journal Editorial Report PBS Fox News Channel
Whose Line is it Anyway? ABC ABC Family
Bob the Builder Nick Jr. PBS Kids
Kipper PBS Kids Sprout
American Casino Discovery Channel Travel Channel
Power Rangers S.P.D. ABC Family Toon Disney



Date Name Age Notability
January 18 Lamont Bentley 31 Actor (Moesha, The Parkers)
January 23 Johnny Carson 79 Comedian, host of The Tonight Show
March 25 Paul Henning 93 Producer (The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres)
April 5 Debralee Scott 52 Actress, game show panelist (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Match Game)
April 26 Mason Adams 86 Actor (Lou Grant)
May 21 Howard Morris 85 Actor, director (The Andy Griffith Show)
May 22 Thurl Ravenscroft 91 Actor (Tony the Tiger of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes commercials)
May 26 Eddie Albert 99 Actor (Green Acres)
June 24 Paul Winchell 82 Actor (The Smurfs, Wacky Races, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
June 25 John Fiedler 80 Actor (The Bob Newhart Show, Buffalo Bill)
June 26 Richard Whiteley 61 Presenter, host of Countdown
July 11 Gretchen Franklin 94 Actress
July 20 James Doohan 85 Actor (Scotty on the original Star Trek)
August 7 Peter Jennings 67 ABC news anchor
August 8 Barbara Bel Geddes 82 Actress ("Miss Ellie" on Dallas)
August 9 Kay Tremblay 91 Actress (Road to Avonlea)
August 23 Brock Peters 78 Actor
September 2 Bob Denver 70 Actor (Gilligan's Island, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)
September 25 Don Adams 82 Actor (Get Smart, Tennessee Tuxedo, and Inspector Gadget)
October 2 Nipsey Russell 87 Actor/comedian
October 3 Ronnie Barker 76 Comedian, half of The Two Ronnies
October 5 Ray Bumatai 53 Actor
October 7 Charles Rocket 56 Actor (Saturday Night Live)
October 31 Mary Wimbush 81 Actress (Poldark, Jeeves and Wooster, Century Falls)
November 13 Eddie Guerrero 38 Professional wrestler and star of WWE SmackDown
November 24 Pat Morita 72 Actor (Sanford and Son, Happy Days, Ohara)
November 29 Wendie Jo Sperber 47 Actress (Babes, Bosom Buddies)
December 16 John Spencer 58 Actor (The West Wing, L.A. Law)