2005 term United States Supreme Court opinions of David Souter

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The table below lists all opinions filed by Associate Justice David Souter during the 2005 term of the Supreme Court of the United States, which lasted from October 3, 2005 until October 1, 2006. This was the sixteenth term of Souter’s tenure on the Court. DavidSouter.jpg
David Souter 2005 term statistics
Majority or Plurality
Concurrence/dissent Total = 13
Bench opinions = 13 Opinions relating to orders = 0 In-chambers opinions = 0
Unanimous decisions: 0 Most joined by: Ginsburg (10) Least joined by: O'Connor (1)[1]
Case Issue Joined by

Will v. Hallock
546 U.S. 345 (2006)

United States v. Grubbs
547 U.S. 90 (2006)
Stevens, Ginsburg

Georgia v. Randolph
547 U.S. 103 (2006)
Stevens, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer

Hartman v. Moore
547 U.S. 250 (2006)
Stevens, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas

S. D. Warren Co. v. Maine Bd. of Env. Protection
547 U.S. 370 (2006)
Environmental regulation Roberts, Stevens, Kennedy, Thomas, Ginsburg, Breyer, Alito; Scalia (in part)

Garcetti v. Ceballos
547 U.S. 410 (2006)
Stevens, Ginsburg

Kircher v. Putnam Funds Trust
547 U.S. 633 (2006)
Roberts, Stevens, Kennedy, Thomas, Ginsburg, Breyer, Alito; Scalia (in part)

Fernandez-Vargas v. Gonzales
548 U.S. 30 (2006)
Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Ginsburg, Breyer

Kansas v. Marsh
548 U.S. 163 (2006)
Death penalty Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer

Randall v. Sorrell
548 U.S. 230 (2006)
Ginsburg; Stevens (in part)

Arlington Central School Dist. Bd. of Ed. v. Murphy
548 U.S. 291 (2006)

League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry
548 U.S. 399 (2006)
Electoral redistricting Ginsburg

Clark v. Arizona
548 U.S. 735 (2006)
Rights of the accused: admission of mental defect evidence Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito; Breyer (in part)


  1. ^ O'Connor retired after Souter had filed only one opinion; of the justices who participated in the full term, Roberts only joined five of Souter's opinions.