2006 HH123

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2006 HH123
Discovery[1] and designation
Discovered by M. W. Buie
Discovery date April 26, 2006
MPC designation 2006 HH123
Minor planet category TNO[2]
Orbital characteristics[2][3]
Epoch April 15, 2006 (2453840.5)
Aphelion 81 AU (Q)
Perihelion 30 AU (q)
56 AU (a)
Eccentricity 0.46 (assumed)[4]
416 yr
360° (M)
Inclination 44°
Physical characteristics

2006 HH123, also written as 2006 HH123, is a lost object with an assumed eccentricity.[4] If it is a scattered-disc object it would have an absolute magnitude of 5.2,[2] and be a dwarf planet candidate. The preliminary orbital elements (as displayed in the infobox to the right) are calculated using only three observations over a period of one day,[1][2][3] hence its orbit is very poorly known and it is lost.


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