2006 Norwegian Football Cup Final

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The 2006 Norwegian Football Cup Final took place at Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo on November 12. Fredrikstad were in their 18th final (11 wins and 7 runner-ups), while Sandefjord were in their first final ever and had the chance to win the first trophy in the club's history.

Match details[edit]

12 November 2006
13:15 CET
Fredrikstad 3–0 Sandefjord
Ramberg Goal 5'
Piiroja Goal 37'43'
Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo
Attendance: 25,102
Referee: Tom Henning Øvrebø (Nordstrand)
GK 1 Sweden Rami Shaaban
DF 2 Norway Pål Andre Czwartek Substituted off 86'
DF 9 Estonia Raio Piiroja
DF 3 Sweden Patrik Gerrbrand
DF 23 Norway John Anders Bjørkøy (C)
MF 15 Norway Hans Erik Ramberg
MF 18 Norway Christian Berg
MF 7 Norway Simen Brenne
FW 14 Norway Raymond Kvisvik Substituted off 88'
FW 21 Hungary Mihály Tóth
FW 13 Norway Tarik Elyounoussi Substituted off 73'
FW 26 Costa Rica Yherland MacDonald Substituted in 73'
DF 5 Norway Agim Shabani Substituted in 86'
FW 6 Norway Øyvind Hoås Substituted in 88'
Norway Knut Thorbjørn Eggen
GK 12 Norway Espen Bugge Pettersen
DF 17 Norway Olav Zanetti
DF 24 Norway Fredrik Kjølner Booked 65'
DF 22 Norway Arnar Førsund Substituted off 80'
DF 3 Norway Tom Kristoffersen (C) Booked 73'
MF 6 Sweden Mikael Andersson
MF 7 Norway Tommy Knarvik
MF 18 Norway Erik Mjelde Substituted off 88'
MF 9 Norway Fredrik Thorsen Substituted off 57'
FW 11 Sweden Andreas Tegström
FW 10 Brazil Adriano
MF 16 Norway Samuel Isaksen Substituted in 57'
FW 23 United States Brian Waltrip Substituted in 80'
MF 14 Finland Tuomas Haapala Substituted in 88'
Norway Tor Thodesen

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