2007 EB26

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2007 EB26
Discovered by Mt. Lemmon Survey (G96)
1.5-m reflector
Discovery date 2007-03-10
Minor planet category Apohele asteroid,[2]
Mercury crosser,
Venus crosser
Orbital characteristics[2]
Epoch 2454170.5 (2007-Mar-11.0)
Aphelion 0.980 AU
Perihelion 0.116 AU
0.547 AU
Eccentricity 0.787
148.1 d (0.41 a)
Inclination 8.477°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions ~700 meters[3]

2007 EB26 is one of the closest orbiting objects to the Sun. It has the second-smallest semi-major axis (0.55 AU) of any known object orbiting the Sun, after Mercury. It is classified as an Apohele asteroid and does not cross Earth's orbit. It approaches within 0.116 AU (17,400,000 km; 10,800,000 mi) of the Sun approximately every 148 days, before leaving for a distance of 0.979 AU. Only thirteen known asteroids have perihelia smaller than 2007 EB26.[4]

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