2007 FIRST Robotics Competition season

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Rack 'n Roll
Year 2007
Season Information
Number of teams 1305[2]
Number of regionals 37[1]
Championship location Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
Chairman's Award winner Team 365 - "MOE"
Woodie Flowers Award winner Dan Green
Team 111
Founder's Award winner General Motors
Champions Team 190 - Gompei and the Herd
Team 987 - High Rollers
Team 177 - BobCat Robotics

The FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2007 is Rack 'n Roll.

Regional Winners[edit]

The top three teams in each of the 37 Regional events were invited to attend the Championship event at Atlanta, GA.

Week one[edit]

BAE SYSTEMS Granite State Regional Winners:

NASA / VCU Regional Winners:

The winning alliance of the NJ Regional Event

New Jersey Regional Winners:

Pacific Northwest Regional Winners:

St. Louis Regional Winners:

Week two[edit]

Arizona Regional Winners:

Bayou Regional Winners:

Finger Lakes Regional Winners:

Florida Regional Winners:

Great Lakes Regional Winners:

Los Angeles Regional Winners:

Pittsburgh Regional Winners:

Wisconsin Regional Winners:

Brazil Pilot Winners:

  • Team 1860 - Johnson & Johnson & CEPHAS - H.A.Souza Professional Training Center
  • Team 1382 - Johnson & Johnson & ETEP - Prof. E. Passos Technical High School
  • Team 2243 - Fundação Bradesco Campinas Fundação Bradesco

Week three[edit]

Boilermaker Regional Winners:

Chesapeake Regional Winners:

Detroit Regional Winners:

Greater Kansas City Regional Winners:

Midwest Regional Winners:

Peachtree Regional Winners:

Silicon Valley Regional Winners:

UTC Connecticut Regional Winners:

New York City Regional Winners:

Week four[edit]

Boston Regional Winners:

Buckeye Regional Winners:

San Diego Regional Winners:

Waterloo Regional Winners:

Week five[edit]

GM/Technion Israel Regional Winners:

  • Team 1950 - Ramot Hefer highschool (The Crackbots)
  • Team 1657 - Mevoot Eron (Hamosad)
  • Team 1574 - Misgav (Miscar) - Iscar

Colorado Regional Winners:

  • Team 555 - Montclair Robotics - Montclair, NJ
  • Team 1583
  • Team 1636 - Arvada High School/DeVry University/Lockheed Martin/Spectrum General Contractors Inc./First & Safety/Great Divide Door Service

Davis Sacramento Regional Winners:

Greater Toronto Regional Winners:

Las Vegas Regional Winners:

  • Team 1425
  • Team 254
  • Team 1983—Skunkworks—Seattle, Washington

Lone Star Regional Winners:

Palmetto Regional Winners:

  • Team 1319
  • Team 832
  • Team 342

Philadelphia Regional Winners:

  • Team 84 - DuPont/NE PA Tech Prep Consortium & Athens Area School District & Northeast Bradford School District & Towanda Area School District & Troy Area School District Website
  • Team 341 - Rohm & Haas Company/BAE Systems/Johnson & Johnson PRD/Siemens Corporation/DeVry University & Wissahickon High School & North Montco Technical Career Center Website
  • Team 181 - Pratt & Whitney/United Technologies & Hartford Public Schools Website

SBPLI Long Island Regional Winners:

West Michigan Regional Winners:


The 2007 Championship event was held in the Georgia Dome from April 12–14, 2007. 344[3] teams from around the globe competed in four divisions for the Championship title.

Division champions[edit]

These were the teams within each division that won their respective divisions.
Archimedes: Teams 179, 233, 71
Curie: Teams 910, 1270, 330
Galileo: Teams 1902, 173, 1319
Newton: Team 190, 987, 177

Einstein playoffs[edit]

The four division champions played each other at a fifth, central playing field for the title of Championship Winner.

SF 1-1: Galileo beat Newton, 54-32
SF 2-1: Archimedes beat Curie by way of a disqualification. A Curie robot earned a red card for tipping an Archimedes robot. This was the first time a robot was disqualified on the Einstein field during the final rounds of the FIRST Championship.[4][5]
SF 1-2: Newton beat Galileo, 48-34
SF 2-2: Archimedes eliminated Curie, 88-74
SF 1-3: Newton eliminated Galileo, 44-32
Final 1-1: Archimedes beat Newton, 50-34
Final 1-2: Newton beat Archimedes, 72-58
Final 1-3: Newton beat Archimedes, 59-54, to become the 2007 Championship Winner.[6]

Chairman’s Award[edit]

The 2007 Chairman's Award was awarded to Team 365 - Miracle Workerz - DuPont Engineering / DuPont CCRE / First State Robotics & MOE Robotics Group, Wilmington, DE

Notable events[edit]

  • Chad Hurley, cofounder of YouTube, was a guest speaker before the final matches on Einstein Field. This makes 2007 the second year in the row in which a Google employee gave a speech before the final matches. In 2006, Sergei Brin was a speaker.
  • Three of the alliances that won their division and competed on Einstein field had a former world champion in their ranks.[7][8][9] These robots were 71 for Archimedes, 330 for Curie, and 173 for Galileo.