2007 Guatemala earthquake

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2007 Guatemala earthquake
Guatemala Quake June 13.2007.jpg
Date June 13, 2007 (2007-06-13)
Magnitude 6.7 Mw
Depth 23 kilometres (14 mi)
Epicenter 13°37′23″N 90°47′49″W / 13.623°N 90.797°W / 13.623; -90.797
Areas affected  Guatemala
Tsunami none
Casualties 0

The 2007 Guatemala earthquake occurred on June 13, 2007 occurred at 19:29:46 UTC (13:29:46 local time). The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean, south of Puerto Quetzal, about 115 kilometres (71 mi) south-southwest of Guatemala City.[1]

The quake was reportedly felt in Guatemala, El Salvador and parts of Mexico. The quake caused a minor landslide on the Inter-American Highway, and small number of houses were reported to have been damaged or destroyed along Guatemala's south coast,[2] but there were no reports of major damages or casualties.[1]

While the USGS assigned a magnitude of 6.7 for this event,[1] many local seismological agencies in Guatemala,[3] El Salvador and Nicaragua only registered the quake in the 5.5 – 6.0 range.[citation needed] These calculations are more accurate due to the seismographs' locations closer to the epicenter, and are in agreement with the minor shaking reported by residents.[citation needed]

In addition, the USGS coins all movements as earthquakes, while in Latin America, small movements such as this one are called tremors ("temblores" in Spanish).[4] This misnomer confused the international community into thinking this event was much larger and more severe than it really was.[citation needed]

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