2007 Kuril Islands earthquake

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2007 Kuril Islands earthquake
2007 Kuril Islands earthquake is located in Far Eastern Federal District
2007 Kuril Islands earthquake
Date January 13, 2007 (2007-01-13)
Magnitude 8.1 Mw [1]
Depth 10 kilometres (6 mi)
Epicenter 46°28.8′N 154°04.48′E / 46.4800°N 154.07467°E / 46.4800; 154.07467Coordinates: 46°28.8′N 154°04.48′E / 46.4800°N 154.07467°E / 46.4800; 154.07467
Areas affected Kuril Islands

The 2007 Kuril Islands earthquake was a great earthquake that occurred east of the Kuril Islands on January 13, 2007 at 1:23 p.m. Japan Standard Time (04:23 UTC) with a moment magnitude of 8.1. A tsunami warning was issued following the earthquake, and sea level gauges indicate that a tsunami was generated. The largest swells reported were 16 inches, which were recorded at Chichi-jima.[2]

The earthquake occurred as a result of normal faulting,[3] and was located 95 km to the south east of the 8.3 magnitude 2006 Kuril Islands earthquake which had occurred the previous November.

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