2008–09 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Mexico

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The 2008–09 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Mexico was set to be an A1 Grand Prix race to be held at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico on May 24, 2009; however, the event was cancelled on April 29, 2009 due to the 2009 swine flu outbreak.[1][2]

The race had also been subject to the completion of changes to the track at the Peraltada corner, which were to be completed before the FIA would have granted the necessary licence required for the race to go ahead.[3]

Swine Flu Impact[edit]

A1GP chairman Tony Teixeira released a statement[4] on April 28, 2009 stating the following:

Obviously we are keeping a watch on the ever changing situation in Mexico with the outbreak of swine flu.

While we will not do anything rash to jeopardise the final round of Season Four, we do have to think of the safety of not only all members of the A1GP community but also the members of the public who come to watch us in their thousands in Mexico City.

We hope to have a clearer picture ahead of A1GP Brands Hatch and will make a public statement as and when it is appropriate.

If we do not go to Mexico City this will have no impact on the future of the series, as we are already well advanced with plans for Season Five.
—Tony Teixeira, A1GP Chairman

Following advice from the UK Foreign Office, the Mexican round was cancelled on the 29th of April, 2009, so as not to put any of the drivers, team personnel or fans of the series in any danger.

To say we are disappointed to have to make this call is an understatement.

When the news of the health problems broke last week we made sure we kept ourselves up to date with the latest information. It soon became obvious this was not an isolated health risk, and when the UK Foreign Office put out its advisory and the World Health Organization raised the level of influenza pandemic alert that was when we had to make our decision.

We must have the safety of all members of the A1GP community as well as the thousands of loyal fans in Mexico City as our prime concern.
—Tony Teixeira, A1GP Chairman

As a result of this cancellation, the Brands Hatch event will become the final event of the 2008-09 A1 Grand Prix season.


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