2008 Parma earthquake

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Coordinates: 44°48′00″N 10°19′59″E / 44.8°N 10.333°E / 44.8; 10.333 The 2008 Parma earthquake struck the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy on 23 December at 16:25 CET (local time)[1] with a magnitude of approximately 5.2,[1][2] and was reportedly felt in Bologna, Milan and Florence.[1] and even Trieste.[2]

Although no injuries[1] and only minor damage was reported,[2] the earthquake was relatively strong for the area, with the last strong earthquake in Italy (with a magnitude of approximately 5.4) being in 2002 in Molise.[2]

An aftershock with a magnitude of around 4.7 also struck the Parma area at approximately 23:00 (local time)[2]


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