2008 Tropfest finalists

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The Tropfest short film festival is held in Sydney, Australia each year. The festival was won by Marry Me. Following is a list of the finalists.


Synopsis Two men. One elevator. No way out.
Director David Easteal
Producer Simon Weaving
Writer David Easteal
Sound design Henry Birkbeck
Composer Troy Hambly
Editor David Easteal
Key cast Matthew Newton, Bruce Spence

Beggars Belief

Synopsis A young man, down on his luck, approaches passers-by for some spare change. His improbable tale of woe just doesn't seem to be doing the trick. But then a kind soul comes along and offers him the very last thing he needs.
Director Colin Cairnes
Producer Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes
Writer Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes
Sound design Ant Bohun
Composer Kersley York
Editor Dale Dunn
Key cast Chris Lee, Georgina Capper, Linden Compassi, Trent Baker

Blues for the Soul

Synopsis Peter Crowe gives us an insight into what music means to all of us and how it affects our well-being. Can music heal? Can it give us hope? Maybe the music will give you the answers.
Director Dean Preston
Producer Dean Preston
Writer Dean Preston
Sound design Dean Preston
Composer Peter Crowe
Editor Dean Preston
Key cast Peter Crowe

The Code

Synopsis Damian is the brains of his year seven class. He devises a secret code to pass a multiple choice test. Will the code be broken?
Director Murray Fahey
Producer Murray Fahey
Writer Murray Fahey
Composer Kevin Macleod
Editor Peter Borosh
Key cast Rebecca De Unamuno, Shardyn Fahey-Leigh


Synopsis In the summer of '77, a boy and a girl hide in the sand hills and look life in the eye.
Director William Allert
Producer William Allert
Writer William Allert
Sound design Brad Hurt
Composer Quentin Grant
Editor Brad Hurt
Key cast Elena Carapetis, Hero Cook, Jaidyn Steele, Neal Soulis


Synopsis A creation story. A myth. Your world is your paradise, but what if you lose it? Do you get a second chance? Do you deserve one?
Director Daniel Miller
Producer Daniel Miller
Writer Daniel Miller
Sound design Mark Webber
Composer Troy Hambly


Synopsis John's life is thrown into confusion when he is confronted by a woman late one night in his office.
Director Jayne Montague
Producer Jayne Montague
Writer Jayne Montague
Composer Benjamin Speed
Editor Rolmar Baldonado
Key cast Callan Mulvey, Lara Cox, Tai Nguyen

Great White Hunters

Synopsis A documentary about three fishing buddies set out to land "the ultimate catch..."
Director Gary Doust
Producer Gary Doust
Sound design Mark Tanner
Composer Carlo Giacco
Editor Julie-Anne De Ruvo


Synopsis Sarah Crowest's humorous yet darkly tinged film explores the impulse towards repetitive acts through a focus on a handful of individuals. One person's comforting routine is another's compulsion to ritualise.
Director Sarah Crowest
Producer Sarah Crowest
Writer Sarah Crowest
Sound design Duncan Campbell
Composer Sarah Crowest
Editor John Bowler
Key cast Akira Akira, Alison Currie, Charlotte Hamlyn, Lachy Lang, Tamara Lee, Matthew Lorenzon, Rachel McElwee, Sophia Simons, Eugene Suleau

Made in Australia

Synopsis Determined to succeed at Sony Tropfest, amateur Scottish filmmakers Peter & Brian go all out to produce a film which they know will melt the hearts of even the toughest Australian audience.
Director Monte Macpherson
Producer Monte Macpherson
Writer Monte Macpherson
Sound design Monte Macpherson
Composer Monte Macpherson
Editor Monte Macpherson
Key cast Bob Rafferty, Dominic Watters, Karli Evans

Marry Me

Synopsis A little love story about a little girl who likes a little boy and a little boy who likes his BMX bike.
Director Michelle Lehman
Producer Michelle Lehman, Karl Conti
Writer Michelle Lehman
Sound design Brendon Maher
Composer Kris Macken
Editor Myles Conti
Key cast Jahla Bryant, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Mouse Race!

Synopsis Australians will bet on anything – but mice!? A fascinating and funny journey into the seedy underworld of amateur mouse racing.
Director Paul Williams
Producer Paul Williams
Writer Paul Williams
Sound design Juliet Hill
Editor Paul Williams


Synopsis Cute, itchy, and hard. Do you leave it alone… or eat it? Whatever you do – don't pick it!
Director Koichi Iguchi
Producer Akito Hirai
Sound design Tomy
Composer Illreme
Editor Junya Otsuka, Takauki Mori
Key cast Eigo Kuriyama, Rikito Kikuchi, Takako Hayakawa, Serina Saito, Hidehiro Takehara, Akemi Unazawa


Synopsis Majestic, pretty surroundings, a quiet old horse, and three sweet members of the older generation – but don't be fooled. Something sinister is about to unfold.
Director Grey Rogers
Producer Grey Rogers, Jodie Camilleri
Writer Grey Rogers
Composer Pete Jones
Editor Sam Bowden
Key cast Andrew Gilmour, Geoff Burns, Val Lehman

Uncle Jonny

Synopsis Uncle Jonny is the best mate of a 7-year-old who is daydreaming during class.
Director Mark Constable
Producer Mark Constable, Tom Heuzenroeder
Writer Mark Constable
Sound design Tom Heuzenroeder
Composer Tom Heuzenroeder
Editor David Scarborough
Key cast Mark Constable, Tom Nunan

White Lines

Synopsis When a routine bust goes horribly wrong, a rookie ignores the book and his partner by placing his career on the line to bring his man down at any cost.
Director Craig Maclean
Producer Craig Maclean, Steve Kearney, Leanne Tonkes
Writer Craig Maclean
Sound design Dylan Stephens
Editor Eugene Richards
Key cast Colin Lane, Scott Harrison, Michael Sweatman, Gwen Kewley, Kristen Hemingway, Oliver Greenwood, Cameron Murray, Lynne Patterson, Nickey Robinson